Meat Inflation Surges – Food Inflation

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Now this inflation is getting serious!


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  1. Look at who controls the meat market … When corporations start to control the stations and sell our meat off shore tax free what would you expect and its no good going to your MP because you will find he or she is on the payroll of the Meat producers … As for the Vegie and Fruit growers its either get a better price's from the middle man/Markets or shut up shop … But good old Scomo is going to give the Ukrainians $50 million ….

  2. I hunt and fish, haven’t bought meat or seafood from the store in a long time..we grow allot of our own veg too…I get our beef and lamb directly from a farmer whose property I hunt on…even our pets don’t get store bought food…by the sound of it I’d get a rude shock if I had to start shopping for meat again.
    I can see the prices rising even higher after the recent floods.

  3. You mean meat prices surge. Inflation is purely a monetary phenomenon. The creation of currency and credit out of thin air is the inflation. Rising prices is the consequence of inflation

  4. Meatflation? I was earning more 15 or 20 years ago and there is no way that wages have kept up with inflation, the middle class is a thing of the past and the truth is we deserve just what we get because of who we vote for and let them get away with screwing the general population, and as a matter of fact you come across as being a bit smug with your lot

  5. They dont want us eating meat anymore. UN reckons 14grams pf meat per day is enough. That’s right 14 GRAMS! One bite! They don’t want a healthy population, not enough customers… sad/scary reality.

  6. A few chickens = eggs and in time, meat. Teach the kids to fish and pay them 2 dollars per fish – greed is good. buy a few chokos drop them in corners of the yard. pressure-can excess meat for shelf stable meat for a few years. even flood proof unlike the meat in your freezer. Fuel: bin oil parity and resurrect our fuel manufacturing

  7. supermakets: "buy something else"
    farmers: "people cant afford to buy as much, and now customers are outright boycotting, i guess i'll sell my farm to the supermarkets' chinese subsidiaries"

  8. It's all about selling the products that they want you to buy, steering people to buy processed food top give supermarkets free rein to flog products boxed up in a factory over products from farmer. All the farms are being sold to energy companies after retired baby boomers sell the farm.

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