Media Accidentally EXPOSES Bias Calling Trump “Drumpf,” Journalism Is DEAD

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  1. Its not a lack of curiosity and its not all about money. The MSM is actively participating in a nation wide coup by being the arbiters of propaganda, disinformation and by withholding facts which shed light on the truth that they don't want you to see. Its not a conspiracy theory if you can prove it.

  2. It's almost a shame that the President was so polite to that weasel. If it was me I would have answered his question with another question: "when did you stop touching preteens sexually?"

  3. This is why we get laughed at. It's not Trump himself. It's the people's reactions TO Trump that the world gets to see. Because it's not 1990 anymore. It's 2020 and ALL of our thoughts are stupidly placed online for the world to see.

    So the planet gets to see the thoughts of people with 3 brain cells. A lot. And then they think "How the fuck is America a civilized nation? Why do they allow this?"

  4. The riots are allowed to continue because it makes Trump look bad as things spiral out of control. If Trump does something then he looks heavy handed and will be looked on like a fascist. I believe George Soros is funding the BLM Antifa riots and democratic mayors and the left wing media are colluding on this. The lie is that if Biden is elected the problems will go away. remember BLM was setup under Obama not Trump, the riots are a bullying tactic.

  5. fyi trump doesnt lie all the time , in fact you and the left while saying trump lies all the time have yet to produce a lie hes told. the left has on the other hand lies 100% of the time.

  6. Money hungry grifters / get woke go broke… what is it going to be? If the news media was in it for the money they would be just like Fox News. Get your head out of your ass Tim, these people are 100% communist party members fighting the revolution.

  7. Trump doesn’t lie at all compared to every other president I can think of he’s a straight shooter sometimes he gets things wrong but not very much and he doesn’t lie at all

  8. Neither the Huffington post nor the Washington post are legitimate news outlets or news papers. They are 100% leftist propaganda they should not be in the press corps there shouldn’t be none of the reporters at the White House it’s ridiculous

  9. Sarah Palin, Dan Quayle, Bob Dole, George Bush, Michelle Bachman and every other Republican of my lifetime, could have told you that "journalism is dead" DECADES AGO.

  10. The group that constantly tells you to call people by their preferred name is now doing the exact opposite because they don't actually care about having a consistent stance.

  11. My sister and I (both in our 60s) are currently not on speaking terms. She is so completely entwined with MSNBC and NYT that any other opinion than what she has been fed is instantly a lie. To me, MSNBC exists for one reason – to give it's successive buyers access to the Democrat White House. Why else would non related companies buy into media outlets that are break-even at best – Gates, General Electric, Comcast, and they find themselves, magically as advisors to Dem administrations. Geberal Electric's CEO accompanied Barak on trade missions. Within a week of Comcast's purchase of MSNBC, the CEO was being hosted by Barak on Martha's Vineyard . The NYT, another low profit entity. 17% of its stock is owned by Carlos Slim – always in the top 5 richest men in the world. He is heavily invested in China, and therefore the NYT heavily censors news that casts China in a bad light.
    If you do some digging around, the web of connections (and the influence they have) revolving around the media is incredible. It's not conspiracy – you can research the plain, non partisan facts if you have a little time. It has made me believe that media, Wall Street and politics are a single entity comprised of the same putrid class of people that exist to protect and promote one another.

  12. When Trump is out of office, I hope he spends the rest of his life exposing them. His position in the WH has given him access to information that we can't even imagine. Of course, it will put his life at risk, but I hope he brings them all down.