Media ADMITS Russian Bounty SMEAR Against Trump Was A Hoax, Trump Was Right, They just Want More WAR

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  1. To any people on the eastern countries
    Don't aim your retaliation on the republicans
    If the Democrats start any thing aim your anger at them.
    If biden starts a war don't blame half the usa that dint want the war. Blame only the Democrats and biden and his incomptency

  2. Damn boi! I know you're a disaffected liberal but got ham!

    You, being a source familiar with Joe bidens thinking has got to be the most savage and most hilarious thing I have ever heard you say.

  3. I cant wait until the crazy people take the street war to MSM like CNN and MSNBC. Burn and smash those idiots not your neighbors.

  4. Tim man that’s the problem. The majority of people voting (apparently) don’t care and will argue no matter what and take the establishment side and accuse you of listening to biased news services. But cite jamelle hill to you as a source

  5. Good , I hope the Taliban come after Biden , lol. I cant think of one soldier that would stand in that gap. Screw Biden. Trump did all of the hard work and Biden has undone every bit of it from the border to the desert overseas…….idiot

  6. Why would they choose Sept. 11? (theory)
    If the Taliban, or others, retaliate on or near that date then there will be an automatic sense of “patriotism” for attacking on or near the anniversary. They are planning ahead and predicting retaliation. Biden had no intention of leaving. If anyone retaliates, no one is going back state side. If the Taliban sit patiently the agreement will have to be fulfilled. But I understand that’s asking a lot when our president is also unpredictable

  7. Sounds like everyone is in bed with the CCP an others are picking on russia at the same time hurting the usa.. I wonder if the elites even care about what nukes do to the earth you have no power an money is worthless if the earth is unlivable.

  8. Well, WE KNEW the MSM was lying to us. WE KNEW they were brainwashing the general public by writing slanted, deceptive headlines and burying any truth in their articles under biased interviewee's opinions in the hope that readers would tire and not read all the way to the end.

    If Trump said he would do X, Y, and Z the press would vilify the Orange Man. But if Biden says he'll do X, Y, and Z then the press praises him for bringing sunshine and rainbows back into our lives. Its all LIES.

  9. Putin and Xi Jinping must laugh their asses off over breakfast each day. No need to do anything as the US will implode from within because of the lies and BS from numerous sources and a majority of the people believe it. The problem is there is no accountability and the mainstream media, government and elites think the common person is an idiot. I am starting to think they are right.

  10. The agreement was for May. Other parties could withdraw from their end. And why the hell do we want to cite 9/11 and give the Taliban a propaganda victory?

    We would be better off with Harris playing point. At least then nothing would have been changed because change would require thought and effort.