Media And Democrats Forced To Admit Republican Governor Desantis Was RIGHT To End COVID Lockdown

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  1. Multiple institutions have come out against lockdowns. The only reason the left loves them is because they're subordinate in every single aspect of their lives. Like drones, without being told what to do they have zero guidance or ability to think.

  2. Bernie was not "reaching out" due to the goodness in his heart, he only does that to obtain more power with which to enrich himself and push policies that will lead to the accumulation of more power for himself and those he deems "worthy"

  3. whats the ave. age in CA vs FL? Cali has to be MUCH younger right? I'll look… CA-36.8 FL-42 so that could make up for the difference in death rates.

  4. I'm just waiting for global warming to be the new reason Florida is doing so good since it's warm there, then they retract silently at like 2am blaming Florida FOR global warming or some dumb shit lol. If it doesn't make sense it makes sense to leftists.

  5. The vaccines are NOT great! There are a lot of people being injured and dying because of them. It's almost a certainty that Marvin Hagler (RIP Champ) died due to the vaccine. Take that garbage at your own risk.

  6. We are NOT locking down again. They PROVED their ineptness. They DO NOT belong in positions of power. Vote out ALL the Democrats you can in 2022. Let’s get this country back into shape. Purge critical race theory through Congress, not executive order. Hell, add an AMENDMENT against wokeness, once and for ALL. And FIX section 230 FOR GOOD.

  7. My local nursing homes sent out letters as soon as the first news broke of COVID hitting US soil.
    Some hired security to keep unscheduled visitors from showing up while staff stockpiled PPE, even before the surge in production.

    While other states are still using Facetime or Zoom calls to speak with their seniors, we've been able to take our family members out and about for the day since August, with in-person visits allowed since June. We're even allowed into the buildings, so long as we're wearing a mask and provided gowns/face shields that are given to family caretakers. For my grandfather with Alzheimer's, it's a lot better than trying to figure out where my voice is coming from while a relative stranger tries directing him to a webcam.

    We also have an enormous senior population outside of care facilities, and many/most of them are carrying on like there's no pandemic, simply wearing a mask and washing hands.

    I have friends in Texas, California, New York, Washington, Louisiana, Nevada, Michigan, Indiana, and Georgia. Those of us living in states without the lockdowns are able to actually spend time with family. Those who live in states with lockdowns have actually lost family.

    Edit: My local Sheriff even said that he refused to enforce the lockdown when Desantis asked the state to comply with the "two weeks to flatten the curve," saying it was "impractical and unconstitutional." We were among the last few counties to see a COVID case. Common sense with a little bit of research and education goes a long way.

  8. Even just the question: Are the maskless okay to pass by? Now, they might be vaccinated, hence "safe", or not. No way to tell at a glance.

  9. . . . going to South Florida for a month in June. I will be looking to move back permanently. Between now and June I fully expect that "they", the powers that be are going to try once again to shut-down Florida. Really, how long will Desantis/Florida be allowed to DISOBEY ?? I was considering moving back to Puerto Rico, but the island is being ruined by leftist/dem/communist…….

  10. I have not been wearing masks other than a couple dr. appointments. I actually have not had bad reactions, though my state has a mandate. I'm not in a big city though. In line once at a gas station, the lady behind me took off her own mask because she saw me not complying. I also see fewer and fewer people here just doing as they are told, and it makes me glad. The more people stand up, the more others are waking up.

  11. Fauci has spent 40 years (however long it’s been) working on AIDS and no results there. Yea, don’t trust his information with COVID. He should retire. Birx was the smartest, most articulate of the two. Unfortunate she resigned regardless of her travel.

  12. I am all for vaccines but not this one I don’t care if it was Trump, Biden, or The smartest scientist in the world there was not and is not enough testing to know that this vaccine is safe my family and I will not get this vaccine for any reason I don’t care if they make it a law there has not been enough testing to prove to me that it’s safe.

  13. Most SC schools have been open too. Judging from the traffic, shopping and parking lots here most people just carried on the entire year while other states shut down.

  14. While the democrats locked down their states and taking away the rights of the people, DeSantis defended American Rights. For that, the democrats want him unpersoned and stripped of his citizenship.

  15. The red states should restrict any leftists or democrats to move to the red states to protect themselves from the democrats’ virus; build the wall if they have to. ?

  16. If not for LIBERALS and people who have been brainwashed to believe like AOC there wouldn't have been a TEXAS problem.
    How many needed food because of Covid 19 lockdowns and restrictions?
    Democrats CAUSE POVERTY then whine about POVERTY they created.
    How many that are poor are single parents OR the children of single parents? Where is their family and why aren't they taking
    care of their family?
    Too bad they didn't have excess Gas and Coal fired power plants throughout the state that would have provided power during the crisis
    and PROVIDED MANUFACTURING JOBS. Cheap power creates manufacturing jobs.
    With just your electric stove and oven you can stop from freezing, a few lights will stop your pipes from freezing, NO POWER and you
    have a major problem. How far can you go with no electricity and you have electric powered cars and buses? Where are all the Windfarms off the coasts of Democrat cities? City people push for GREEN POWER so why aren't their windmills on top of city condos, offices and government buildings? Why aren't there coal power plants and backup gas plants for green power when there isn't enough? Why should rural America provide power for your ELECTRIC CARS & BUSES? Why not build mountains in your parks from your garbage OR burn the garbage in the city rather than SHIP IT OUT? STOP absorbing suburban and rural areas because YOU have the votes.
    RURAL AMERICANS CARE ABOUT CITES HAVING UGLY VIEWS AND UGLIER DOWNTOWNS just about as much as city residents give a dam about rural Americans.