Media And Democrats “Political Hit Job” Against Trump And COVID Medicine EXPOSED, Likely Cost Lives

Media And Democrats LIED About Trump And COVID Medicine In “Political hit Job” That Likely Cost Lives. Trump had long touted the potential for Hydroxychloroquine after several studies showed promising results.

But the media and Democratic establishment hate him so much they lied and said that the medicine was dangerous. It went so far that some dubious studies had to be retracted over absurd claims and bad methodology. The studies even convinced the World Health Organization to stop trials of the treatment and the obstruction of prescriptions likely cost lives.


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Written by Tim Pool

Tim Pool brings you breaking news from around the world and commentary on top news topics in Politics and Cultural issues around the world. Stay tuned for live news, livestreams, breaking stories, everyday and a new podcast episode of "The Culture War" every Sunday at 4pm. Use the email below for any business inquiries.


  1. I sat and watched up to 10k people diverge on Minneapolis for over a week. NADA, nothing, no increased CoVid-19. I believe the whole thing was a hoax that the Democrats & China were in on together. I will not take a vaccine and I will not stay inside again.

  2. All I can say to this: this treatment has been used in France during the pandemic. I will also say, it does work best if it's started in the early stages of the CCP Virus.

  3. I think that these CEOs stepping down under accusations of CoVid were going to happen anyway. They are using the media for racism for the bottom line, $$$

  4. Dude, we might die from a riot or something now because of the media. We gotta approve hydroxic chloroquine and get the military to stop these riots.

  5. Damn did you that this virus is so smart the only two places it doesn't spread is at grocery stores and protest/riots? Meanwhile most Americans want their business back open and go to a baseball game…

  6. The sad part is that generally the real shit trump says is either worse or equally alarming to the media spin. But once the spin is proven it's like he said nothing at all.

    His Floyd remark was from the hip and an attempt to try and pacify viewers with false concern.

    But if I'm wrong, what was so great about that "great great day" that trump thinks Floyd would be proud of?

    Before you lose your shit I'm one of the people who has disliked this clown since his atrocities in the 80's. Not continuous focused hate, just aware that anytime he made headlines we were reminded what type of person he is.

    I believe government is criminal theater for our benefit and post Kennedy government has been bought and paid for. Politics is a joke and the joke is on anyone who plays….I don't.

  7. I'm so glad you have the guts to tell the truth! Trump never said drink bleach! When Trump doesn't wear a mask he's a villain, when he does he's a racist. TDS!

  8. All the reporters and tv personalities who went along with their handlers propaganda should be jailed. They obviously think they are untouchable; perhaps they took cues from hitlery Clinton and her delusional belief that she’s too important to have to answer to anyone for anything. When the people have had enough and remove them, I’ll bet they’ll all use this line in their defence:
    “I was just following orders! It’s not my fault”
    And then let’s see if the handlers swoop in to save the day ?

  9. There it is. You said it but didn't expand. They want us all on government assistance. Easier to control those on entitlements in their eyes. When they get the chips implanted in up who you think will be first? Those of us under government control, ex. Prisoners, food stamps, Medicare, Medicaid, social security. Take this or loose benefits. Ten years ago I sounded a lot crazier now it's getting closer. They have to keep us fighting each other in order to accomplish their agenda. We are sheep being led to slaughter.

  10. Wait, so you think protests are great and have indeed made change, mainly black lives matter correct. Made brands more aware and police reform is happening across the nation. What has these “lockdown” protests done? Businesses here where I live have reopened, but now businesses are shutting down again because of rise in cases. How is that productive? I get media blows stuff out proportion but you can’t defend Trump when he is not a doctor telling the American ppl to take a drug that clearly does not work for COVID 19. That’s the main issue. You literally said to listen to your doctor in this video. Goodness gracious, you’re doing exactly what you’re arguing against. All over the place, Tim.

  11. I was watching trumps speech during the rally and he said a lot of good things
    When they say negative things about trump and what he said / THEY ARE LYING DO NOT LISTEN TO THEM

  12. btw…I only subscribed to this channel a few days ago after your videos were repeatedly recommended on my front page. Not only you but also Steven Crowder, so it kinda feels like youtube's algorithm works, and dare I say it, well? Usually I have to find channels of my taste, but recently I feel like my taste is finally acknowledged

  13. Fake News can't believe anything their saying . Bankrupting the economy by giving the Elite taxpayers Money . Don't know who's this is showing the tapes would give him credibility .
    Fake News

  14. Mainstream media is the enemy of the United States people a lie try to steal the election and they don't give a crap about anybody but getting power and the black man thinks the Democratic party likes them you're still in the slave plantation with the Democratic Party