Media CALLS IT FOR JOE BIDEN, Trump REFUSES Defeat Says The Legal Battle Begins Monday

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  1. Just because the media called it doesn't make it true. If Biden has cheated (which it seems he has) we cannot allow it. America is dead if Biden has cheated and is allowed to take the office. The media, deep state, and big tech will know they can openly cheat and get away with it

  2. If the claims and evidence of impropriety are dismissed out of hand by the Democrats and courts then yes they should go to war because at that point the system has failed and war is the only solution. But if the investigations are allowed and nothing is legitimately found then the system has worked and war is unnecessary.

  3. If they can scream Russia Russia Russia for 3+ years with no proof then Trump can scream fraud fraud fraud because they'll find proof easily

  4. A LOT of people are going to be really confused when Trump is still their President for the next 4 years.
    The Media, Twitter, and Facebook blocking Trump from declaring victory early while declaring the election early for Biden, is going to be their DEATH KNELL .

  5. "We had the Russia hoax"

    "We had the Ukraine impeachment"

    "We're witnessing the 3rd coup attempt spearheaded by the media and big tech."

    Don't give up, President Trump will overcome this too.

  6. Good news for all foreigners wanting to live in America, the border will be thrown wide open. Citizenship granted to all so they keep voting democrat. AOC can start building her train tracks across the oceans to be rid of air traffic. All police will be de-funded and prisons closed. We can increase our transgender classes for elementary schools and communism will taught in our universities. A good time will be guaranteed for all.

  7. The FAKE NEWS does not make ANY ELECTION JUDGEMENT EVER! People need to stop believing in mainstream media bullshit, they are not the US Govt and they do not make any Lawful decisions ever in USA!!!

  8. I could accept it if it didn’t mean the end of the republic. No checks on China, endless lockdowns, no hope for economic recovery, communists. This is not a message of unity

  9. So they actually elected a racist, child sniffing old man who is near death? There are more stupid people in America than I thought. The Voice of stupidity grows louder in America.

  10. I'm done with Fox News, they where more then willing to bend over and join the CNN/MSNBC, FB, TWITTER crowd. There are 70+ million Trump voters that see this as a "stolen election" it's only over when the SCOTUS says it is. There has been too many DOCUMENTED cases of voter fraud.

  11. In 2022 there will be a republican backlash the likes of which has never been seen before in history. It will be more than in 2010 two yrs after Obama's election. With Trump campaigning for house and senate seats it's possible Republicans will not only take back the house, but possibly even with 2/3 majorities in both houses which would mean Republicans can pass veto proof bills. If every Trump supporter votes in 2022 it could happen. We need it to happen to teach the media and corrupt democrats a lesson. Then we will win back the presidency in 2024. Let democrats laugh now as much as they want. We'll teach them a lesson in 2022.

  12. I live in AZ and it's funny how me and 2 family members ballots are cancelled. Hey guess what though the one biden vote went through. We seem to be losing our voice.