Media CAUGHT Holding Secret Propaganda Meetings With Biden | Breaking Points with Krystal and Saagar

Krystal and Saagar look at how the Biden administration has tried to make the mainstream media’s coverage of them even better through pressure and meetings behind the scenes

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  1. Come on you two. Political parties have always worked the media. I'm actually kind of glad they're at least attempting to control their messaging. Fox news has been an arm of the Republican party forever.

  2. Would it not be common for someone like Jen psaki or in the press offices to have working relationships with journalists. That’s a lot of how news is made sometimes you gotta have these “lunches” to get information the public should know.

  3. How can it be secret when they all say the same thing at the same time and get asked the same questions. Why we ignore all MSM they suck at their job. Why we all watch you guys.

  4. The mainstream media is a corporation, why would they want to go against the establishment. I mean, that’s why your reporting breaking point is so important. I might not always agree with your takes, but I do feel that your trying your best to stick to the facts at all times. I respect that, thank you.

  5. Do you remember what Ed Schulz told us. Owners of MSNBC told him YOU WILL NOT INTERVIEW BERNIE when he was announcing his 2016 candidacy. He also told Ed I'm personal friends of the CLINTONS. Wake the fuck up people. Cable news is ALL PROPAGANDA!! And they've infiltrated online , too. With fake ' Progressive' shows!
    The Hill, Intercept…. COMPROMISED !!

  6. This should surprise no one. The legacy media is nothing but the propaganda wing of the Democrat party, has been for decades. Donald Trump just made them angry enough to drop the façade.

  7. Seriously… is anyone actually surprised by this? The media are just PR agencies for the establishment at this point. With a 95/5 left-wing split, no less. So you get rampant confirmation bias and group think on top of cronyism, incompetence and corruption.

  8. We deserve it as when Bernie Sanders pointed out the cozy corporate sponsored media. The relationship between media and their corporations determines what gets covered and what doesn't. Remember it's corporations who are responsible for supply chain problems, low wages and inflation. Where's that reporting?

  9. Yes! The real issue is that media runs as a business. The good thing is that technology enables people like you to run media for purpose and not have to focus so intently on maximizing profits. It's really leveling the playing field and you guys are pioneers in trying to create a model that works. So congrats and thanks! You are really helping.

  10. What? People still wasting time watching mainstream news media?? Nearly each and every one of them has been debunked, outed, and vetted to be misleading and lacking credibility. We saw this happening with the behavior during the Gulf War. By the 2nd one, the media was in bed with the state department.
    We are now living in strange and sad times. When the news is subverted by politics and profiteering, we have taken steps to losing a democratic republic. "Let's Go Brandon!"

  11. The media loves polls. But one poll they never report upon is how a huge majority of Americans have little or no faith in the MSM. They are actually less popular than Biden and members of congress

  12. The Trump administration said the exact same thing but I don’t recall hearing about any media relations meetings within the White House. Maybe because Trump just said the hell with them?

  13. Time to cancel legacy media. They are just a Democratic propaganda machine and I am not a Republican. Cut the cord y'all … no more cable news and the others … awful! Don't we want a media that tells the truth regardless of party? Some of us do, it should be all of us. You won't get it if you keep supporting the legacy lying media … just sayin.

  14. Wait so they are holding secret meetings to promote propaganda, yet you have no evidence of this propaganda. And you admit that you were involved in the same meetings under Trump.

  15. All this is great but why hasn’t anyone looked at the coincidence of Kamala’s good friend, Jussie Smollett, pulling a fake race/hate Lynching just days before Kamala and Booker took their Federal Anti-Lynching bill to vote on the Senate floor where they both referenced Jussie’s attack as “A modern day Lynching” and reason to pass that bill?

  16. 2:30 The notion that media was determined to prevent Trump from returning to power rather than tell the truth about Biden is silly and wrong because the media’s bottomline was perfectly happy with Trump in power. This clip is just Breaking Points banging its head to preserve its own ideology.

  17. Now let me explain how the media works….

    This is a Well Duh!! moment Sherlock!!

    We have two types of media that try to capture conservative viewers:

    1. The corporate conservative, Neo-Liberal media (CNN, MSNBC, NYT, WaPo, ABC, NBC, etc) represents the wealthy coastal elites and the top 10% of Neo-Liberals. The conservative media loves manufacturing consent, false-equivalences, he-said/she-said, gas-lighting people while defending the corrupt, conservative status quo. Remember CNN/MSNBC/NYT/WaPo requires cable or subscription service, so if you ain’t paying for it, you aren’t receiving it unlike Faux News which everyone receives, but more on that later…

    People assume incorrectly the corporate conservative media only flacks/defends Dems (Hell No!!, maybe a low level nod or is that a nod-off?) which has proven to be 100% false and is a red herring/RW myth and talking point. Their only goal is ratings and their SHs so they go after Progressives in a heartbeat. Sunk Bernie presidential campaigns in two elections! But they also go after right-of-center Dems. Attacked/ pummeled Biden 24/7 for months for the botched Afghanistan withdrawal and supply chain issues. His tanking polls/ presidency haven’t recovered since. The bias media also focused on two other radical Dems, Manchin and Sinema, but zip, zero attention on the obstructive GOP, who blocked both bills. In December, the Dems complain and beg for positive news coverage because the MSM has be tough on the imploding Dems and Brandon. Boo-Hoo! Just sound bites/ ratings, baby!! Again, this highlights the conservative media won’t defend the Dems which is why the Dems are pleading for their support while saying this will bring King Trumpo back into power. Pathetic losers! They can’t even defend themselves.

    The corporate conservative media will never go after GOP’s obstructionism or intransigence!! Remember Obamacare?? Why is that?? Because the corporate conservative media only caters to the Alphas/RW conservatives. They have no problem going after the weaker, defenseless party that never, ever fights back. The media luvs the GOP and King Trumpo for their ratings/ audience!! They are Pro GOP 99.9% of the time! They sheepishly, meekly pretend to agree with the Dems so they appear like they are fair-and-balanced so everything turns into a horse race. Endless polarization means ratings, baby!!!

    2. RW media (Faux News, Truth Social, OANN, NewsMax, Nexstar, Sinclair media, Clear Channel, hundreds of radio stations, thousands of magazines/ publications/newsletters – WSJ, Drudge Report, think tanks) caters to the top 5% of conservatives, plus an army of thousands of RW talking heads, pundits, shills, stooges and sycophants, who push a 24/7 RW agenda with little challenge/ pushbacks from bias, shallow, corrupt corporate conservative media – see above. RW media exploits their gullible viewers while paying them lip service. The GOP/ RW always frame the 24/7 debate and set the narrative as they disseminate their lies, propaganda, misinformation and RW talking points while they attack, smear, scapegoat and demonize the Dems/ liberals with such ease. “Stop the Steal”, massive voter fraud, “Death Panels”, Capitol Insurrection, Birtherism and Immigrants from “shithole” countries is easy peasy when you control people’s perceptions and their behavior!!

    3. There is No corporate “liberal”/ Progressive media. Journalism has been dead since the 1970’s! All we have is infotainment, sensationalism and cultural wars today to grab ratings! When the corporate conservative media “talks” about #BLM, #MeToo, #TimesUp, #LGBTQ, minimum wage, income inequality, voter suppression, strikes and abortion issues once in a blue moon, this doesn’t make them “liberal” when 99% of the time they are pushing RW, Neo-Liberal, corporate conservative policies – like the Security State – going after whistleblowers, Wall St Bailouts, tax cuts for the wealthy elites/corporations and endless wars. They will flack/defend the lies/misdeeds of the rich and powerful while ignoring/ downplaying their corruption. Corporatism/ hypocrisy have no bounds! Well Duh!!

    The corporate conservative media isn’t objective nor fair. They, like everyone, have hidden agendas and alliances so they must defend/spin corporations, wealthy elites and their advertisers. They don’t represent the working, lower/uneducated class/ poor as the shrinking middle class keeps getting squeezed. Instead, the media exploits, gaslights and abuses people as pawns to attack the other side in cultural wars for ratings/ eyeballs. No one in Congress is going to bat for the “people” or even gives a damn about their struggles, trials and tribulations! The people have no party and no media! No Penny Press for the forsaken!!

    How many times do I have to spell it out. Outside a Nuke, the corporate conservative/RW media is the most powerful weapon anyone can possess. Once they both drop a bomb on you, it’s bleeping over. Just ask Bernie or Julian Assange! With all this incoming firepower, anyone would be destroyed except for any GOP/RW. They control the omnipresent, relentless, uncompromising RW media which never throws their own members under the bus. Today, they are more powerful than the dying corporate conservative media!!

    The bias, shallow, corrupt, lazy corporate conservative media also carries 24/7 water for the GOP/ conservatives by repeating, amplifying, legitimizing and enabling their ideology and policies though lies, propaganda, disinformation/ misinformation and RW talking points without challenge, filter or pushback. Hell, they still luv and suck up to King Trumpo for the ratings, access, eyeballs and sensationalism. Doesn’t matter what he does, they will give him 100% deference just like the RW media does to keep their market share. The corporate conservative media can’t afford to lose anymore of their aging/dying audience to the RW media, whose been eating their lunch over the last 25+ years. This is why our country has moved soooo far Right over the last 40+ years!! All media outlets want Faux News’ coveted conservative viewers!!

    Faux News (state TV), the 800lb gorilla/King of the hill, has dominated/crushed all news media outlets in terms of ratings and audience the last 25+ years and no one will ever touch them. They drive the 24/7 RW agenda and rile up their base of millions daily because Faux News is on every TV in the country. The gullible RW lemmings eat these RW talking points/ BS up!! Been working like a charm for 40+ years!! They are the ultimate hyper-partisan, right-wing, #1 News network that pushes conspiracy theories on a wide variety of topics as well as flacks/defends all those who are loyal and sycophants. Without shame or conscience, they bow to no one and will come at you 24/7 with guns a blazing!

    Time may heal all wounds, but the RW media will not stop flacking/ running interference until King Trumpo is back in power. The Dems are screwed, but that’s a given the last 40+ years. What's shocking is that the Dems refuse to build their own media machine to counter the GOP/RW so they can never, ever get any message out or counter the 24/7 RW attacks. They are 100% at the mercy of the GOP/RW! Pathetic. Can you say abject losers?? I knew you could!! They Stand for Nothing and Fight for Less! 99%+ of the blame falls on the foxhole, rubber-stamping, capitulating, corporate conservative Dems for being so damn wish-washy!!

    We need 3rd parties to save this nation from itself!!

    You Reap what you Sow!!

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