Media, Cops OUTNUMBER Trump Supporters At Fake Capitol Rally

Krystal and Saagar react to the fake Capitol rally staged by feds and the mainstream media over the weekend and what it reflects about the national security state

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  1. The media and feds planned a fake rally? Get the fuck out of here with that shit. Of course what they did do is over blow the story and make these assholes who planned the rally into geniuses they're not but now your just making shit up to suite your anti establishment argument. Call it like it is and stop with the bullshit cause it's starting to approach the level that the main stream medi goes to with they're reporting.

  2. And again it makes you ask the question where the f*** were these feds and Capitol police in riot gear on January 6th, they allowed it to happen on purpose police let them inside the building it was a setup for them to pass their Patriot Act 2.0 but they had written prior to the "insurgents"

  3. Imagine being the MSM and being too dumb to realize that if they held our politicians accountable, covered their corruption and actually covered the needs of working families that their ratings would go up.

  4. Sent here by Sirota but won't be staying. Krystal has gone off the deep end. Of course there was going to be a huge police presence. WTH do you expect after the absolute chaos on Jan 6? All the right wing chatter, from Proud Boys and the like on social media in the final week said don't go because they saw the preparations taking shape. They got scared. Matt Braynard was the organizer and you never mentioned him once. I'd suggest you do some actual research and quit making stuff up, just to appeal to the anti government and conspiracy crowd.

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