Media FINALLY Calls Out Joe Biden’s LIES, Biden Got SO MUCH Wrong At Townhall

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  1. There's also another thing a lot of people don't seem to understand. Even if Trump did act "faster." Would people have listened, when the death count at the time was only ~3 per day nation wide?

    Think about that for a moment. If Trump would have just said. Okay. lock it all down. shut down, all the borders, close all non-essential work. everyone should start wearing masks.

    Odds are No. They wouldn't have. And they would still end up blaming him for it.

  2. People often forget that Trump would of been getting information and advice from more that just the medical and scientific fields. He would of had the economic experts telling him about the economic risk, military heads telling him about the military risks, legal experts telling him what he can and can't do. The list goes on. Some of these groups would of been contradicting each other, or in the least making requests that make the requests of another group impossible. For example one may of recommended using the military to maintain order, The military may of advised that doing so might effect the military's ability to respond to possible exterior threats, and the legal experts warning that it maybe unconstitutional if the States don't agree to it.
    With all these competing bits of advice and information, a plan had to be formed, and compromises made. That's one hell of a difficult job. Is it possible Trump could of done better? Yes. But it could of also been a lot worse, and the fact it wasn't should at least be praised.

  3. I do not mean this to be insensitive to people who have been directly infected. But who is dying from Covid. It would just seem that through all of my contacts that I would have heard about someone in my network falling I'll or passing. I have gathered that a few in my network tested positive with no symptoms. When I look at the worldwide statistics, it leads me to believe the US is counting covid deaths differently from other countries. For instance, someone dying of cancer who then tests positive for CV, counts as cv death.

  4. We are in the fattest most unhealthy country on the planet or damn close to it. More diabetics more with obesity more with heart failure than pretty much any other country. We are a world travel hub with a decentralized government. We are the third largest population on the planet behind china and india. China lies about its numbers and india does not have the ability to test and check many people at all. India used hydroxychloroquine zinc + antibiotics. Something tests have shown time and time again that it helps if givin early on. Here they lied about it nonstop to hurt trump. They didnt care if it got people killed they even faked studies and got caught. DR fauci the head of the CDC lied about masks. The WHO lied about… well everything. All this crap piled on to make things worse. Yet we have the same death rate per person as europe. With the obesity problem we have here in the US we should have FAR more deaths than europe. But that just isnt the case.

  5. Depending on who wins, history will either say President Trump is the most corrupt President, or the President that revealed the most corruption. Only time will tell

  6. Trump told the American public what his "experts" told him…that it wasn't a big deal. Until it was. Oh yeah, his experts were still lying to him and kept lying to him "because the masks needed to go to first responders" That was for MONTHS. Even the democrats were calling him names and the american public names for not going out more with no masks, such as their chinatown stunt. I think he did an amazing job considering everyone around him was lying to him. Especially locking down the border for certain countries until we had more information. How quickly reporters and the american public forget the daily bashing for that decision.

  7. Realistically, no country as large as the US, with as insecure borders as the US, with as much international travel and trade as the US, had a ghost of a chance of somehow keeping CoV ID 19 out of the country. The countries which have successfully sealed themselves shut to this virus (and there's only a few in the world), are essentially islands, and are relatively small (Taiwan, Japan, South Korea, and yeah S Korea is a peninsula, but it's only land border is as closed up as it gets). Once it spread wide globally, all large countries with complex borders were just simply going to have a wide spread.

  8. It must be really bad when The Washington Post says something negative about prominent democratic politicians. They are the horse shit media outlet who said PewDiePie was a white supremacist. They are a propaganda nonsense station. By no sane standard a news outlet.

  9. Softball…T-ball… Whiffle Ball..
    Take your pick- Joe gets them all… and still has trouble hitting them!!!

    Glad to see the WP has some journalistic integrity left!

  10. Show me your surgical mask can stop aerosol particles. NIH and NIOSH penetration studies at breathing rates show about 30% effective at aerosols. Most of your breathing and talking is aerosol size. Political science over physics. Funny how masknazi will trust their life with n30.

  11. Are we gonna forget that the extent of the Obama’s administration in handling Swine Flu was “Wash hands, cover your cough, stay home when you’re feeling sick” orrrr

  12. They arent lobbing softballs to Biden.

    they are sitting them up on Tees and handing Biden that rocket bat that is floating around youtube to guarantee he hits it out of the park. . . and he still misses

  13. 1477 dead from China virus in California. That's 0.0038% of the population.
    About 4368 die in car accidents each year.
    The lockdown is as big a joke as Newsome! Why do we elect such idiots?

  14. yeah Trump is the one that called Trump a racist and he is over reacting and that virus is nothing serious ( when he closed the airports at the first corona case ) oh nvm those were the democrats that said that!!!

  15. To be fair, Biden was wrong. The CDC fixed the numbers quietly and the death rate was less than 1%. That’s not a pandemic. The flu actually is more deadly and we don’t quarantine or social distance during flu season,

  16. I can´t vote because I´m Swedish and lives in Sweden. If I could, I would vote for Trump. But what scares me is not whether Trump win or lose this election, Trump can always run the next election. But what scares me is who will be the next president when Trump have been for 8 years. USA and most likly the world will be screwed if the democrats takes power

  17. So Joe Biden gets "carried away" when he blatantly lies. But Trump gets completely fact checked to the letter or decimal point if he over exaggerates or simply estimates a figure which is still relatively true.

  18. I don't think that Biden took the corona virus serious.

    Because reverb if he was thinking about pandemic, he was quick to call Trump's move to ban travel "xenophobic hysteria".
    Now, this in and of it self is not very impressive and not very important coming from regular people.
    But Biden is different, because he was the Vice-president. He should know when Trump is serious that he did listen more carefully. He should have given Trump some tips or insights about his own experiences.
    But no, instead he was in election mode and wanted to smear the president.

  19. Masks don't do shit and never have. There never was a crisis except in the overreaction. There was a disease that was not particularly abnormal. Was a worse one in 1968. And even that is now long over. Now we have a test-demic. Nobody is actually dying, but "cases" are going up so the societal ritual suicide continues. Normal influenza deaths now are triple COVID deaths in the UK, so what does the UK do? Start testing for influenza? Hell no, worry about COVID, that is the sexy thing to worry about. And the panic comes with all that sweet-sweet totalitarian power that politicians really get off on.

  20. CNN: "So Joe, what exactly did TRUMP do wrong?"
    Joe: "It's the thing, come on, you know, the thing."
    CNN: "WHAT?"
    That's if CNN would ACTUALLY ask tough questions of Potato Joe. If Biden is out doing Town Hall's, then why can't we have debates?