Media FREAKS OUT over Trump’s Truth Social

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  1. While youtube has removed videos, I'm glad they don't go full retard and remove all videos that don't fit the agenda. Just think about it.. they can delete anything they want. I am able to come to youtube and listen to let's go brandon or my favorite conservative content creators. This puts youtube above most media websites, although they're not perfect because they have and probably will still remove too controversial material.

  2. I've never used Twitter; it always struck me as very low brow (not that I'm high brow). A conservative equivalent would be no more attractive…
    Have to agree that conservatives need platforms where we can share opinions, etc., but it appears that the current ghettoization of the internet is part of the greater plan, doesn't it? I don't even believe that most of the corporate backers are actually any more liberal than am I, but they do seem to have their ducks in a row…best of luck…

  3. "They just want to hear thing they like from people that look like them and talk like them."

    The dude calls this propaganda completely oblivious to all the left wing cries for the exact thing he's denouncing for "bipoc," women, and LGBT people in every form of media.

  4. The name will keep it from taking off. "Truth social"???? I predict they change the name. You wouldnt think a name effects a good product, but you'd be surprised. The name turns me off, and makes me less likely to visit. Makes it forgettable basically.

    If we are to create a alternative option that's a heavy weight like Twitter and stuff. Gotta bring the A game. Cant afford to not have it fleshed out, to make it as appealing as possible.
    Just my opinion. You only get one launch, and that attention fades quickly

  5. The lefty MSNBC talking head seems to be very well-versed in propaganda techniques. No doubt because they’re precisely the techniques he uses himself. Ya wanna know what the left is doing? Just listen to what they accuse their opponents of doing.

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