Media Hypocrites Recommend Women Take Horse Drugs For Abortion

Remember not that long ago how the Nobel Prize-winning medicine Ivermectin was derided as “horse de-wormer” and individuals prescribed Ivermectin by their doctors in an effort to treat COVID were treated like lunatics? Well, now hyper-mainstrem media outlet Vice has decided that horse medicine isn’t so bad, recommending that women who in the future can’t get surgical abortions instead take misoprostol, a medication used to treat ulcers in horses.

Jimmy and American comedian Kurt Metzger discuss this curious volte face by a prominent corporate media outlet.

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  1. Saying ivermectin is just for parasites is clearly an indication that that person has never taken a pharmacology class. It's like them saying "Why are you taking Viagra for pulmonary arterial hypertension? Viagra is for boners."

  2. Most people I know here in Saudi Arabia who got covid had already been vaccinated, myself included. Clearly the vaccines are useless.

  3. Weed is still not legal on a federal level in the US but hey, take horse medicine to get your abortion, thats legal. I'll add that to the 1001 reasons I will never ever live in the US or even visit that insane asylum of a country. I can only pity the people who still have an ounce of sanity that live there.

  4. Why does Kurt do that thing with his eyes where see the whites all around the pupil? He looks deranged. One comedian does it better, Desi Lydic of the Daily Show, but she does it for comic effect. It is not part of her personality. Jimmy regularly criticizes the Daily Show but he does not know Ronny Chieng, whom Kurt mentioned, there. Though Kurt's pronunciation leaves to be desired. But Jimmy goes on to criticize Chieng just after saying he doesn't know who he is. It makes one wonder if he ever watches the Daily Show.

  5. Wow.. the Morons running this Propaganda Campaign make Frank Gallagher from Shameless look like honest Abe Lincoln…

    Apologies to Frank Gallagher for the comparison.

    He's much smarter and more trustworthy than these shameless clowns 🤡 ..
    Shameless about sums up the whole things don't it?

    They just don't care …
    Like 70 year old seasoned prostitutes…
    " Horse wha?" ..
    " Ya No problems.."
    If the money is right they will put on the show. …
    Just practicing for the next job cycle don't you know. .

    They just don't have any other skills so they are stuck..
    They'll say or do anything..
    They don't give a…

    We should soon have a Gallagher show starring these brilliant minds …
    A freaky clown brainstorm explosion…

    Like what brought us this whole freak clown show …

    That, and Frank Gallagher…who apparently run the world now…

    Good to see they put his not so unique skill set to use…

    They are a parody unto themselves…

  6. The left want people to protest for the exact opposite of what they did last week. That way they know those people have no personal values and they can be made to support anything with a simple article including dehumanising and advocating torture and murder of Republicans.

  7. There was an antiparasitic drug fenbendazole that a 4th stage lung cancer patient claims cured his disease. He was featured on one of the msm news channels a couple years ago. Ivermectin had also been in a repurposed test for cancer treatment at one point. Is it possible that the results were so good that it frightened the drug companies?

  8. Ronny cheing! As an Australian, all I have to say it's YOUR FAULT Americans 🇺🇸 .

    He was one our best up and coming comedians 5-10 years ago. Please look at his old stuff it's great.

    Then out of nowhere he ends up on US late night tv and now he's just dribbles out democrat BS .

    I took friends to his show in Australia after a previously amazing show and all he did was a 60 minute set which was an extension of his short sets on the latenight tv show.


  9. There is an evil so strong so organized so powerful that anyone who dares speak up against it is made to look like a whack job and conspiracy theorist. And that's all you need to know when seeking the truth gets you hated by the world

  10. Capitalism is just brutal, authoritarian idiocracy. A massive crime against humanity. Thanks for speaking up for those who have no ability to speak for themselves and nobody to turn to to protect their basic rights.

  11. Are these people insane. There is another drug that they use during surgery that is also used on horses. Drud addicts use it too. I got a small amount when I had my tubes tied. It was a very very very small dose and I had the worst reaction I had to be hospitalized. Who knows what will happen if a woman took that drug. The Ketamine they gave me was under the control of a doctor Jimmy and they knew my health history. You got what you got for COVID under the control of a doctor.

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