Media HYSTERIA Over Possible Troop Withdrawal.

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Edited by Koki Miyazaki

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THE JIMMY DORE SHOW is a comedy lifeline for people on the left and right (but definitely NOT the center) who are sick of bought politicians and gaslighting corporate journalists manufacturing consent for wars.


  1. I agree 150% pull the troops. But their is one strong power that can't be over looked and that is evil minds.
    Evil is a profound statement and evil will never back down or has it ever up to today.
    I hate evil I hate death I hate control in wrong hands. I hate some of these billionaires that run our world by evil minds. It's people innocent people who suffer by or from their own countrys disgraceful ways and thoughts and agendas.
    I'm not no politician thk God because if I was I'd have a hit on my life everyday. I uphold integrity n honor to anyone who stands in Truth and Liberty of given rights of freedom but but…..not to those who abuse the lives of others.
    We have a war in America for a long time. Its called abortion. Ok so in that thought. We have people serving the country and we have one day a year we honor these soldiers. They have their life for what?????? Oh yah FREEDOM. !!!
    But yet we are deliberately of sound mind killing babys eaxh day in America. But yet we want to talk about soldiers serving and dieing but dieing for freedom protection honor dignity righteousness of a right to live toward us.
    But yet we in America have a war each day killing baby's thst can't defend or fight or speak up to a President or senator or government in their defense by asking one logical question…..
    What have I done wrong….what crime what terrorist attack or what treason or fraudulent actions or disgrace hsve I done to any human living.
    This is a baby that can't talk but yet we YES we kill the baby give it a official government title record it on this day signed by this ballot vote and address it by the name……ABORTION. !!!
    But this is ok. ? I mean this is a war a baby did not create……we did in America and are proud of it.
    Yup we faithfully walk to that clinic and bring the prisoner the baby and say……execute the enemy in my life.
    If you pull the troops you just opened the door to HELL far wider deeper . Serving is because evil lives. Peace is an understatement for any country.
    Lets say we bring them home. And 6 months or one year later that country they are pulled out of becomes stronger more evil and join other country's of evil.
    Now you got a war. Today what we have is controlling evil in other countries. That's not a war that's power to sustain from a major war. Fighting is evil minds moving thinking devising controlling but being their is holding stability.
    We are their because this is one messed up country and to walk away is basically handing the keys over to satan.
    America was chosen as #1 defense army of the world as a protection of a watch dog idea
    Not by men or government making this choice on their own but by God entrusting power to protect our country's from the evil that is here .
    War is evil period in all form.
    But we fight wars of all kinds in all things but but created by who??? By us people of evil thoughts in many things or ways
    Peace is only peace when your sleeping. You pull out the troops and sleep will become hate and peace will be death to many.
    It's a very tough call to make.
    Remember we the world create wars and evil. But their are those who fight to protect what innocent people can't. And by Pelosi saying get rid of the law enforcement….. that's a first invitation to evil shouting bomb fire in America bring your own human to roast.
    I know we talk family but in all perspective we need to solve much of that in our countrys snd that there is a war on it's own.
    War is a big word not just one thought or place.

  2. I joined the Navy two weeks after 9/11 by October 11th I knew… to come and misconception that the military is filled with people that actually give a shit.
    You got to try pretty hard to find the gems.
    And yeah pretty much if you're not there for money and you're there for the idea of making lives better and having faith in our system then you might keep your soul but those are few and far between and I'll tell you right now Jimmy we didn't witness her soul leaving her she lost that shit a long time ago if she ever had one and it's likely before and she ever lost her legs.
    Warriors know the deal.
    We need to get our house in order.

  3. I’m not so naive to believe Trump is suddenly some purveyor of peace. – How many times before has Trump promised US troops withdrawals, only to do just the opposite later. He’s a pathological liar. This is all theatre ?. – Both Trump and Biden are cheerleaders for perpetual wars, especially at the behest of Zionist Israel. To believe otherwise is pure fantasy.

  4. But let's LET a PILE of a MILLION body bags pile up AT home from Covid. Good thing you put ALLL that MONEY into the Military so as to keep "you"…safe. With the way IT'S going in the "great Merica" THEY ARE safer right now OVER THERE.

  5. I think these neo-liberal war mongers are saying that people are more likely to die in the U.S than if they were in Afghanistan or Iraq. Very caring of them…and potentially accurate ? I mean the majority of troops will come back, not be provided with the care they need, and commit suicide from PTSD or catch corona and die.

  6. Really, Jimmy? You really don't know why she said that, or would say that? I do. It's called TDS. It's the "Orange Man Bad" rhetoric. If Trump says something, then they HAVE to say that it's wrong/ evil/ racist/ white supremacy/ lies/ anti something or other. At this point, you can take your pick.

  7. That double amputee Democrat politician is in some ways like that other soldier you interviewed, Jimmy. But this one doesn't want to face the fact that she lost her legs for nothing! But I think deep down she knows that's the facts of the matter.

  8. dan Crenshaw said the same sheet. it's dangerous to national security for the US military to quit killing poor people for corporate and imperial interests. the guy lost his eye to a ied… that's how you work your way up to a gig/ meal ticket

  9. Duckworth makes absolutely no sense. You've had troops coming home in body bags for the last twenty years and you'll have them coming home in body bags for the next twenty if you don't bring them home now.