Media Ignores Damning Story about Trudeau’s Government – Travel Ban Had No Scientific Basis

The Mainstream Media is choosing to ignore one of the most scathing stories to come out of the Trudeau government. Why would the press do this?

Court Documents Reveal Canada’s Travel Ban Had No Scientific Basis:

Rupa Subramanya’s tweet:

My previous video on this story:

$30M in bonuses for the CBC:

Dr Hinshaw gets $1/4M bonus:

Whistleblower Quits CBC over propaganda:

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  1. All the media has been paid out except for the little guys the ones that are pushing the truth the big corporations acquired a lot of money to keep their mouth shut that’s how they’re pushing this drug

  2. CBC be like, " Prince Potato dropped the ball again. Everybody hush about it. Run a story on cute puppies to run some cover. We don't want to lose our funding."

  3. Toronto Star had a story from a Professor talking about how the mandates are not helping CSB agents getting people across the boarder and therefore the mandates should be lifted and the arrive can cancelled. This is the angle the Liberal News is covering this so they can cover the true story for the sheep of Canada.

  4. I got cerb. Ended in October. Could not go back until March. Needed to be vaccinated and had to wear a mask until July. Now playing catch up on minimum wage, and less hours….screwed up my life…no vacation, need money to pay bills. Where is my bonus???????

  5. CBC has changed a lot in the last two years, they did not used to act like that. I wish people would acknowledge that fact. Everyone yapping about "defunding the CBC" probably never listened to the radio to begin with and do not understand what we'll be losing. Corporately funded media is not exactly free and unbiased either.

  6. Canadian citizens rights were stripped from them based on deliberate lies from the Trudeau government, the mandates and restrictions were never based on any science but our freedoms were taken away illegally by the government and someone has to be accountable. Anyone accepting Trudeau’s punitive measures to control the population illegally has already given up the concept of citizens rights , the Charter of Rights and our sacred democracy.

  7. Only thing I got from cv19 was huge taxes and not a problem as don’t have a dime left . Great Work thank you for your time also sharing this Great Information for Humanity WWG1WGA World Wide Humanity Wins

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