Media IGNORES Good Omicron News AGAIN | Breaking Points with Krystal and Saagar

Krystal and Saagar deliver more good news on the Omicron covid variant based on early data obtained from places where the variant has quickly spread and case numbers are rising

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  1. 48% have a compromised immune system. Sorry can't believe those numbers. At the point where I don't believe any data even coming from you guys. 90% of statistics are false. Honestly don't know why I'm wasting my time writing this comment.

  2. It’s absolutely HORRIFIC to hear small children were separated from their friends at school because their parents didn’t want to NEEDLESSLY vax their healthy child 🤬🤬🤬

  3. She keeps saying vaccinated people will help stop the spread, but it’s been shown that vaccinated people can spread the virus. That was information was revised months ago.

    Side note – I have my vaccines.

  4. speaking of ignore…. another day with more DEVASTATING info on Trump's failed coup and not a peep from the GUUUUUUYS at Breaking Points. I am sure if Rachel Maddow or Chris Cuomo had DAMNING texts revealed, the two of you wouldn't say a word about that either. HA! Keep calling out that media though, Frauds!

  5. It seems clear Omicron does not have the negative impact of other strains.

    It is still a tragedy the reasons specifically mentioned for schools being the safest place indict our entire system.

    Parents being free to work, & homeless children having little access to remote learning both stabbed at my heart.

    No one even blinked at the presser.

  6. Omicron might have mild symptoms but what about the long term impact of Wuhan virus infection ? Fatigue, brain fog, organ damage? Don’t get complacent people.

  7. Crystal has said this a few times now and its worth pointing out. 10x less likely to die from covid with vaccine. Statistics are incredibly subject to framing when they are pulled from a complete study.

    What if 10% of folks that get covid die of covid? Then 10x less makes it 1%. Incredible and just how the framing sounds.

    What if .0000000001% die? Now we make that 10 times better. .000000001% now.

    Now in realty I think its what, more like .1% to .01%?

  8. What percentage of the unvaccinated public that are free of comorbidities are at risk for hospitalization?
    What percentage of the unvaccinated public recover from covid without ever having to be hospitalized?
    These are important metrics that are consistently left out of the conversation.
    The fact is healthy unvaccinated people are just as likely not to suffer severe illness due to omicron as vaccinated people are.
    The 100 percent absolute need for EVERYONE
    to be vaccinated to prevent hospitalization is a disingenuous narrative.
    Also, the
    idea that everyone should be vaccinated to reduce the chance of spreading omicron to immune compromised ppl
    has not shown
    to be a credible theory as covid has been found to be formidable in its ability to spread in even 100 percent vaccinated spaces.
    Two years later and we are still not having full honest conversations around covid

  9. With so many double and triple vaccinated getting infected, I’m wondering if a nasal spray vaccine would be an improvement and truly stop the vaccinated from getting infected. We followed all the advice but the mental stress created by watching so many vaccinated becoming so readily infected is draining.

  10. I really do hate this ' it is your responsibility to take the vaccine to protect others' bs. Omicron is now basically all over the world Africa, North America, Europe and Australia plus other countless countries. It was discovered in South Africa in November yet managed to be in Europe within three weeks and in America in one month. Since the only way to fly(I use this mode of transport as it spread too quickly to be spread by foot or boat) is to be full vaccinated and have a test it then two things become clear.

    1 – Vaccinated both catch and spread the illness at high volume. So leave non-vaccinated alone with your BS.
    2 – The tests are not worth a damn.

  11. It took this long because they want this to continue, we know who they are… and we know they made a ton of money. Same reason that prevention medications were shut down, they let people die to make money and take more power. Again, it’s simple.

  12. … Vaccination does NOTHING to stop spreeding the virus. Just to be clear…. Hospitilization rate is (0,89 procent) for the unvaccinated… So sure… You might be less likely to get hospitilized with the vaccine… Though the starting point is less then 1% if you are healthy and have a normal functioning immunesystem…

    New data surgets that getting boosters might comprimise your immune system…. Look it up!

  13. I had delta in August. I'm not vaxxed. My office is 97% vaxxed. Right now half my office is home sick I'm fine. And I'm supposed to be the one to be afraid of lol. This is a joke. You guys need to stop all this vaccine soap boxing.

  14. If you look at the breakdown of the data from South Africa, under 20 group is twice as likely to be hospitalized in this wave as in the previous wave. The death rate is lower, but the increase in risk is real. This program gives too much misinformation on Covid issues.

  15. Sagaar, excellent message. Covid Bureaucrat’s are the problem. Too much money involved. Krystal, can you expand on your point that getting vaccinated stops the spread. Where did you get that data from? Do you have data that the vaccines now give immunity. Is this misinformation? Why do you discredit each person before you agree with them. Sagaar had to end this segment correctly defining that vaccines reduce hospitalization. That was to differentiate from you.

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