Media Ignores Larry Elder Attack Caught on Tape. Dave Rubin Responds | Direct Message | Rubin Report

Dave Rubin of The Rubin Report talks about the media ignoring Larry Elder being egged by a woman in a gorilla mask, Australia begins building COVID camps, and the CDC gets caught altering the meaning of the word vaccination. Dave first shares a clip of California recall front-runner Larry Elder visiting a homeless encampment in Venice where he was “egged” by a protester wearing a gorilla mask. Of course the mainstream media completely ignored this attack. Would it have been ignored if Larry was a Democrat? Meanwhile, Australia continues with it’s disastrous Covid Zero policy. In addition to it’s insane coronavirus restrictions and Sydney lockdown the nation has also begun construction on quarantine camps. The government also released it’s frightening plans to de-anonymize social media by linking people’s social media accounts to their passports and giving police access to it. Finally, Dave shares a tweet from Rep. Thomas Massie showing how the CDC has been altering the definition of the word “vaccination”. Does this count as COVID disinformation? Rutgers University has also forbidden a student from attending class because he is unvaccinated. The shock is that he is attending class remotely.


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  1. I just sent a question regarding this subject to KCBS in San Francisco asking why they have not told us about this event? Their tag line is, "All the news, all the time". I'll post their comment if they return the email…stay tuned

  2. Larry Elder makes sense. Newsome has to get out of OUR Government. We need to vote all of the officials who graft and profit of us. We pay them to work for us! No more games we need to love one another, all of us. You can all see that we are falling like a led balloon toward socialism. Is it because we have failed to parent a whole generation or two, because 2 parents work. So were your children in social programs, after school programs? How about we interfere with the CRT or keep your children out of public schools…(socialism lives there) Or is it too late?

  3. Obama talks "white". He's mastered the art of talking down to just about everyone, including his supporters, whom he treets as little children, incapable of independent thought.He really needs that 3.1 million to do ads against Larry Elder. 🙄

  4. Lol! Get ‘em Dave! (Lady about the mask). Yes. How does one define “bad behavior”? Lots of people do shit I don’t like.tfb! Who the fuck am I if I never come to their house. If someone doesn’t like it tell them to stay the fuck home!

  5. i hope the Australian government get more pressure from other countries. More discussion and more reactions against the tyrannical mandates and policies. because, these camps will be your camp if you decide to travel into Australia

  6. In Canada we have lunatics too. Many of them actually work in the media. I have tried commenting on a lewd, insulting opinion piece from a local rag about the Freedom rallies across my country. It was removed. I thought maybe I had said something insulting, so I cleaned it up and defended the attendees of the rallies. It was removed. So we have a completely corrupted media, both print & broadcast. Only the propaganda that has been approved and controlled by our corrupt politicians. Seems to me that democracies tend to end in despotism.

  7. Dave, what happened to Larry and the fact that the MSM consciously decided to ignore is shameful and just proves the toxic bias has turned ‘journalism’ into activism. Roles reversed and we would have to excuse idiots rioting in the name of systemic racism! 🇺🇸🇬🇧🍻

  8. Even if the communist run, msm and social media showed this to the public. Their viewers would screech and holler, why are they showing this fake news to them. The propaganda runs deep in their warped tiny pea sized brains

  9. I my mind, Larry Elder has won. If the polls were correct? Then the Gov. G. Nuceance wouldn't of brought in all the heavy personalities from the left. Now we have to vote today, and today we vote in large numbers! Just do it!!!

  10. There are A LOT of CA democrats who are too deep in the matrix to realize the lies being told to them. #1: I don’t believe the price tag of the recall. #2: whatever the cost, when a new hire is mismanaging the company to its downfall, you get rid of that manager fast and pay the applicable severance, replace them with someone who will get the job done.

  11. I'm very pessimistic about this, even though Gavin is clearly the candidate of the elite, has called out all of his Hollywood friends and has had huge campaign contributions from them and silicon valley magnates, people are dumb. Never mind the glaring hypocrisy over the lockdowns, they'll still vote for him.

  12. This was a phony attack paid for by the Republican National Committee. That is why all reporting of it completely stopped on September 19th. No arrests… No nothing. Even the people who didn't have a monkey mask on have not been arrested.

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