Media Ignores Life Expectancy DROPS From Drugs, Suicide, Obesity | Breaking Points

Saagar breaks down the underlying causes of America’s drop in life expectancy being fueled by drug addiction, suicide, and obesity rates surging

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  1. Great video. you've remind me of what someone once said❤️ "Making money is an action, keeping money is a behavior, Growing money is a knowledge". I once attended a seminar and ever since then I've been waxing strong financially , I most tell you the truth 👍

  2. In 2015/2016 I thought, well since its a lot of white people, we'll get this solved quickly. The next few years made me realize a fact that totally changed my political outlook – it's not about color, it's about class.

  3. The powers that be took advantage of the pandemic to push a political agenda to further enrich themselves and their donors, rather than create a robust post-pandemic pro-USA recovery plan. The effects are chilling.

  4. Obesity is a side effect of our screwed up labor and food system. Overworked underpaid people don't have the luxury of time and money to buy and cook good food. They don't have the time or energy to exercise and live healthy lives. If you want healthy americans, improve their lives. If you aren't willing to do that, than accept the state we are in and will continue to be in.

  5. America is exhausting. Depressing. Stressful. No one can afford to live in America without going into a dark abyss of debt, which is stressful enough. Attitudes from management and owners at work are sadistic. Children go to school everyday wondering if they will survive the day. We are inundated by marketing and commercials telling us we need this and that. Climate change and water levels are hanging over everyones heads. Chronic disease is on the rise because of the stress living in America. Covid is just another chronic disease that exposed the corruption and heartless and soulless people running the country and the heartless, soulless people running American business.

  6. A few years before Covid (2015 or 2016 I forgot), the life expectancy in the US was the best in the world… if! If we exclude car crashes and homicide.
    I am from Europe. For me, this fact was shocking. I thought the US healthcare system was mainly to blame for the US lower life expectancy. Turns out, violence is the main driver. Homicide rate is five time higher in the US than it is in my country, France. Car related death rate three times higher.
    You can add today covid, obesity, heart disease… but I think the deeper problem is the drug issue, opioids and fentanyl are probably the reason why the decline in life expectancy started before covid. Then covid accelerated the decline… and the homicide rate in the US had actually been increasing in the us past years… very scary indeed that this is avoided and is not a bigger issue in the media.
    Thank your for doing your part!
    Since this is a topic Bill Maher likes to highlight, I’d be curious to see an exchange between Sagaar and Bill. Could be very interesting like when Krystal was on Maher’s show 🙂

  7. You got to ask yourself. What’s changed over the last thirty years? A large portion of the population isn’t appreciated and has lost the will to live. It’s only going to get worse.

  8. Key takeaway:

    The life expectancy of the ultra-rich is rising, while the life-expectancy of the poor and middle-class is plummeting.

    “We just don’t need the vast majority of the population” – WEF advisor

  9. Don't forget suicide. Americans kill themselves regularly because they have lost their adulthood, their free citizenship, their independence, their bravery, their innovation, and have replaced it with more dependency and a faith in government force over religion or liberty.

  10. or mandated vaccines. What are you complaining about? You were both all in on the vaccine, and ignored the FACT that all the average person needed to beat COVID was Vitamin D. Ignored all stories that detracted from the 100% safe and effective vaccine and it supposed efficacy. And you still haven't really acknowledged that it didn't work. Saagar, you better get your heart checked out.

  11. They gonna say it’s from Covid or from ‘pandemic of racism’ (who they said was public health crisis) or climate change or free speech hurting trans people (because speech is violence) 😂😂😂

  12. hamsters being told to stay on the wheel longer than their parents, economic anxiety and increasing stresses is taking a toll on 'the american way o' life'. we are falling further and further away from the image we have long projected onto the rest o' the world – but as long as we keep ourselves distracted with shtie tv shows and corporate news we won't notice how badly we are being taken advantage o' by monied interests who run DC and frequently demand tax payer money to cover their bad debts…

  13. Sagaar – I would HIGHLY encourage you to check out the Not Just Bikes video on Suburban zoning & economics. We've built financially unsustainable, car-dependent everything where there's just not walkable or accessible options to an active life without spending a lot of money going to gyms and driving around to things. Worse, we've embraced hostile architecture and infrastructure to discourage the homeless from being in public but also made "the public" impossible for people to just hang out and spend time in without getting harassed by cops.

    If we want healthy people who are connected to those around them, maybe it'd help if going for a walk didn't necessarily involve several near death experiences in close proximity to fast moving traffic? If hanging out in the park didn't get you stopped, searched, detained by police.

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