Media Ignores Total Ratings And Claims Trump LOST But Once Again Online Viewership PROVES Trump Won

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  1. i think the liberal media wants trump to win. their ratings will tank. when they dont have trump to talk about. not the dems but the news people. the shit they do it makes sense. it would be nice if the mods we get were unbiased at the lest. how about a mod thats on the right even. they dont ask biden. questions at all. i wouldnt be surprised. if biden sends the news his questions.

  2. Joe Biden is now snorting Adderall to keep him focused!!! Then when they went to the audiences questions this Savanah hack butted in everytime! Thus voiding the audiences ability to ask a question and get an answer from Trump!!!

  3. You mean they kept poor ole Sleepy Joe out that long past his bedtime? Those scoundrels!! But I like Trump’s energy and resilience when he is faced with that kind of opposition. It captivated attention. I bet people at Joe’s show were probably secretly watching the Trump show.

  4. Donald Trump was respectful and forthright…Savannah Guthrie was disrespectful in everyway. She disgraced herself and all newscasters in the industry…proving the news is fake!

  5. Why is it Biden can go to a town hall meeting and answer questions but not have a live debate? Democrats have no excuses. They have lost all integrity.

  6. Many watched Biden for fun, to see how he would fail, also because he has kept such a low profile and stayed silent. Many were hoping to finally hear definitive answers from him. Vain hope. Also, most people already know Trump's policies and demeanour … xxx

  7. This all seems like a non-news cycle to me. Trump is one of the few who cares about his ratings, and the only reason they care is because he cares. Furthermore, he already knows he had a larger audience and the numbers just aren't accounting for everyone.

    The town hall was trash, this woman who tried to spar with the president won no ground whatsoever and sounded mentally insane.

  8. I dunno, I watched Trump on The Right Side Broadcasting on YouTube.
    I also watched Bidens "advertisement", ( and was also disgusted that it as NOT an equal town hall).
    What's the chances that they could even track/add all the online views.

  9. You wear a mask to protect others, not yourself. It ensures that you don't spit on others as you talk, and that your coughs are contained somewhat also. That's it.

  10. Big time Trump supporter here, I've never gotten mad in the least when you've expressed your opinion about him. We have brains & manners, that's why. ?
    TRUMP 2020

  11. They are hoping for a bandwagon effect; that people will jump on the Biden wagon because they believe it is the popular thing. I am really hoping this won't work, and that sufficient people who feel motivated to go out and vote think for themselves

  12. apples to oranges comparison? If the 'outcome' measured is 'watching town-hall', than counting up all different media used to watch are apples to apples. An orange would be a different metric such as 'liking the candidate, such as comparing 'hate vs love' views. Trump isn't searching for other metrics; he correctly identifies a more complete set of the very Metric being touted

  13. Does anybody watch tv? Don't you think a lot of people watch it on their laptop or phone? Ratings and polls don't mean a thing. No credibility

  14. You should state the date and time around about when you post a video.

    I checked my youtube app… Opened it said this video was TWO DAYS ago. I checked notifications…. It says NINE MINUTES AGO.

    Do you think they thing I'm thinking "it was two days ago… There's probably more recent" and when I look for it it's not there… Then I get disappointed and md at you?

    Anyone else have this problem? It's so weird.

  15. Voter fraud = jail.?
    Watch for voter fraud, record it when you see it, report it and expose it.
    Busted for voter fraud last 4 months:

    Military mail in ballots found in trash.

    2 weeks ago ballot harvesting busted

    4 months ago: mail in voter fraud NJ. A former judge of, elections pleads guilty

    4 people charged with mail in voter fraud stuffing ballots

    Mail man pleads guilty, voter fraud exposed

    Democrat charged in voter fraud

    134 felony charges of voter fraud.

    Watch for:
    Bloated voter rolls
    Ballot Harvesting
    Voting by non citizens, the dead or even pets.

    Colorado Democrat Exec

    Vote buying in MN

    Hijacking election 2020

    112 ballots found in dumpster

  16. I couldn't sit through the Trump TH. Guthrie was just so insufferable, I truly couldn't watch it. I think some people also couldn't watch it and just turned over to Biden's stream and watched his.

  17. I’m 46 … not a spring chicken… I only had cable so I could watch multiple news outlets, but after about 2015 I noticed that there was no actual news. We canceled our cable and now all of our entertainment comes from online streaming sources. The left leaning… I guess you can’t even call them left leaning anymore since it’s not even veiled anymore, The left propaganda machine is more accurate… so anyway the left propaganda machine ruined it for me. I watch news from sources I never would have expected. It’s how I found your channel. Way to go America we watched the public execution of journalism at large and never said a word. I hope we all are happy because we let them do it, this is the America we made for our children.

  18. they refuse to acknowledge. That they the media and Dems make their supporters LOVE to HATE Trump. And ignore that the Trump supporters DO NOT hate Biden the same way. Meaning, the Trump supporters are likely to watch Biden.
    BUT, the Dems will NOT watch Trump.

    So, even if the ratings were better. They doesn't mean they are supporters.

  19. I cut the cable cord in 2013. But, I still vote. And I'm a Dem Party hater (the party not the public, the public is their victims) and Trump supporter even though I am able to admit Trump isn't Perfect.

    BUT, I also willing to admit I myself am NOT perfect either.

    And don't expect perfection from any human.

  20. IF Biden wins the election, he ‘contracts Covid’ almost immediately, then you get cameltoe Harris as your communist president of America. Everyone knows joe Biden is a senile puppet for the far leftist communist democrat party. He won’t last a month before having covid and being ‘permanently retired’ to an old folks home.

  21. This just shows that conservatives have to stop playing so nice! We have to stand up and DEMAND fair and unbiased journalism, moderators, and debates! They fear the left so they pander to them and it's only the conservatives who lose… How much longer will be railroaded!?!?