Media In DENIAL About SCREWING Up Hunter Biden Laptop Story: Robby Soave

Robby Soave reflects on lessons to be learned from the media misfire on Hunter Biden’s foreign business dealings.

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  1. When has disinformation beein proven to be disinformation? Todays disinformation is tomorrows fact. Like basically every disinformation on the vaccine is now fact and the 1st of every month more facts are being revealed.

  2. Donald Trump owes hundreds of millions of dollars to foreign banks in sketchy places. Ivanka was awarded tens of millions in patents from China while her daddy sat in the Oval Office. Do you think China awarded those patents just out of their kindness? The Trump sons traveled the world on US tax payer dollars closing business deals with foreign governments and companies while Daddy Trump was president. Jared Kushner was caught marketing luxury condos to wealthy Chinese using Donald Trump's image in the marketing materials and promising green cards to those wealthy Chinese buyers. All the Trumps are banned from sitting on any non-profit boards since they stole tens of millions of donor's money using the fake Trump Foundation to pocket or buy portraits of Trump to hang in his golf clubs.

  3. Cant help but wonder if the election would have gone differently if the media had covered the laptop appropriately, as well as the lab leak. Kinda feel like that would have made a difference….🤷‍♀️

  4. What we wanted: "We messed up, we'lldo better. Here's what you should've been told in the first place"
    What we got: “That didn’t happen. And if it did, it wasn’t that bad. And if it was, that’s not a big deal. And if it is, it is not my fault. And if it was, I didn’t mean it. And if I did. You deserved it”

  5. who else remembers when the hill acted like the laptop was fake russian propaganda. the irony of a show that ran "cover up duty" for biden and his corrupt family now acting like they are calling out MSM for trying to suppress the story. robbie and ryan are the worst. robbie is an airhead that would lose in a battle of wits versus a valley girl, and ryan is nothing but a mouthpiece for the mainstream establishment.

  6. … thank you… I conquered…!
    … it must be a double standard all-over again…! We're all known HB split 50% of his own takes and sharing the Bank account(s)…so who's Mr Big 10%… ⁉️ Could it be BHO's also on the take…! ❓
    … he's surely did change his mind…but nobody knows what's in his skull ☠️💀…!? I conquered to have some kinda neurologist evaluates on JRBjr ASAP… or make it STAT… now….! This PINO aka commentator in cheat sheets… might get US All in trouble…!
    … who's running this joint… Who's the superceding president whomever cut away presidential microphone 🎤🎙️ and trying to corrective change or rephasing of what he'd said…. ❓ ⁉️
    … for the JRBjr's taste and molding is BW or WB… that is it…he's already fixed its…!
    … thank you… MD…we should have read them their own Miranda's Rights… already…! Another day another BLM aka Biden's Laptop Matter…!
    … remember the Crossfire's Hurricane 🌀 Operation and JS, JK, JC…to BHO, JRBjr, HRC… we'll see y'all soon in the Gitmo via court systems…very soon…!

    … the essentials question ❓⁉️ is what'd JRBjr tell VP in their last conversation on February 22nd, 2022…!? Isn't that enough reason for VP orders to invasion forces into its neighbor country Ukraine…!? Could that be turning a saber's rattling into a full scale of invasion…!?

    … keep on running back homes to freedom… while you still can…!
    … VP…. your today's Russia Federation isn't the old USSR once was anymore…! If you're in need of water 💧💦 for Crimea then you'll have to negotiate with Ukrainians… Just keep in mind that you're the signatory of the Budapest and Minsk agreements…! You just wait till most of bodied bags returning to Moscow…and you'll have the full impact reaction of the Russians public on your decision to invade Ukraine…!

    … the good sized of military aids from DJT's administration to Ukraine are proven to be greatly helpful to the survival of Ukrainians… today's…! The Abraham's Peace ✌️🕊️ Project would have saved the days…!

    … apparently VZ's best kept secret weapon is his wife's psychologically speeches one's heart ❤️…to the Russian Women's… hearts ❤️🥰…!
    Thank you EM…the Starlink ✨ rules… just in time…!

    The very best way to establish the NFZ (No Flights Zones… ✈️…) is to ship as many Stingers and Javelins missiles to Ukraine…for the Freedom Fighters Ukrainians and the IFFIU… ASAP…! There will be no FOFI signals generator required…a perfect solution… with "the good 👍 side effects of the possibility of no tank zones can be formed at the same time… too…"!?

    … just take a look at -$37 to $100+ pb (or whichever the current pricing is…)… then multiply 650000 bpd… over suddenly we found JRBjr's regime is funding this Russian invasion of Ukraine…! It's really sickos…bunch in this regime after debacle in Afghanistan…!
    … this JRBjr's administration regime willingly to remove the 'IN' and makes US All… DEPENDENCES… on the foreign adversarial dirtier oils…!

    … the HRC's decision on selling "uranium yellow cakes" to Russia Federation…need to be investigated…very soon…!

    My two cents…

    P.S: … those history lessons…
    1812 Napoleon Bonaparte…long campaign into the Russian Winter ❄️🥶…and didn't have enough dried shock's supplies…!
    1968 the DSRNVN lost in RSVN… because those locally uprising weren't materialized…
    1974… till now….the prolonged occupied territories wouldn't be able to stop 🛑 those resistance to PRC's forces….

    There are many more examples…


  7. The Intercept wallows in Cancel Culture and felt a fully accredited civil libertarian like Glen Greenwald didn't belong with it's leftist woke BS. Thanks a lot Ryan.

  8. It is just nuts that the MSM of 2022 seems to have no memory of the leaked Pentagon Papers, a game-changer in the country's attitude about the Vietnam War. The MSM of those days be horrified at today's bunch of courtesans who pretend to be journalists

  9. yes play all the data on hunters computer to the public and then lets watch what happens ! i think allot of phones would be ringing bigtime ! i dare you you want to bring out the truth and make a change ! lets see what you got???????????

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