Media Isn’t Interested In Zelenskyy War Crime Bombing Civilians In Donetsk



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  1. So much dissonance as well. You support Trump who warned Putin that he would nuke Moscov if he invaded Ukraine but call Ukrainians defending themselves pretty much nazis… I'm confusion

  2. Well before we can say anything let's send some forensic people in there to investigate and I'm not talkin about US government because you know we can trust them 😉 wink I'm talkin about an impartial forensic team to go in and see what the explosives were that were used to blow up those trucks the area and see if it was ukrainian-russian or if it was just some sort of explicit material planted in it and not Rockets this the only way we can find out for sure if this was staged or not way to prove it don't touch anything there have the forensic team go in there and take a look at it there's material left over from the if it's a rocket attack there will be pieces of the rocket left over get a team in there right away before anybody can touch anything secure the area don't let anybody touch anything over there to make sure that nothing is moved nothing is touched and they can't plant anything else in there this way everybody knows the truth

  3. The whole Ukraine/Russia war is just another globalist elites manufactured crisis to keep we the people from holding them accountable for all their crimes against humanity 🙏🏽🇺🇸🙏🏽

  4. Zelenskyy is Ukrainian Trudeau—an actor-turned-"leader" who uses his charisma to sell an incredibly disingenuous image of himself as being "just like you, dear constituents!", meanwhile he's got all kinds of fucked up machinations of tyranny going on in the background. Treat the Ukrainian propaganda with equal mistrust as the Russian propaganda.

  5. Every idiot who believed in the plandemic are the same morons who believe the narrative being pushed by the media on Ukraine are the same stupid people who believed Iraq had weapons of mass destruction.

  6. Patrick Lancaster is who that is reporting…he's been reporting from the front lines from the beginning. I've been watching his YouTube channel…it goes against the narrative.

  7. Killing civilians is war, anyone that thinks there has ever been a military anywhere that don’t kill civvies is a fucking idiot. Look we Americans killed a dozen kids n shit less than a year ago. So we can’t exactly sit on our high horse can we?

  8. The so called "jounalist" is American born Patrick Lancaster……..he is a pro Russian activist…….kinda doubt it was random chance he just happened to be there to report on the supposed Ukrainian civilian attack. This guy is a Russian agent. War is dirty and propaganda is used on all sides. Your wrong on is one Salty….defiantly either stagger or even worse a real attack but Russia on their own side. Sick world.

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