Media KNOWINGLY Misled About Rittenhouse Case

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  1. The propaganda concerning this case still after all the evidence was laid out in court and judgement rendered by a jury is staggering. Colbert said on his show he “Crossed state lines with an illegal weapon with the intent to kill innocent BLM protesters”. And the “If the kid was black” arguments are moot. Let’s pretend Kyle was a black kid though, three white adult men attack him, he runs and only discharged weapon against those actively attacking him just like it happened that night. Our position on his self defense doesn’t change with the kids skin color, if yours does you’re the racist here.

  2. black guys say it's "white boys…..antifa" and antifa is mostly white radicals looking for trouble the problem with looking for trouble is that you always find it if looking for it

  3. Nixon sees it the way I do, I wished more people saw it for what it was, unfortunately we're just a minority within the masses because people are way too emotionally charged and it overrides their ability to think critically and objectively

  4. Youtube had this video image BLURRED

    Youtube required me to sign into youtube before blur could be removed for this video and I can now access after logging in–this is not the case for other Jimmy Dore Videos.

    *****Just sharing

  5. JIMMY, JIMMY, JIMMY 🤦‍♂️. You come sooo close to being honest, you point out the truth, but it seems, only to own the media and their lies. But, then you have to go to the “If Rittenhouse was black” bullshit! That is such bullshit! The same exact outcome would have happened, police wouldn’t shoot at someone with their hands up!! And he wouldn’t have went to jail. I notice the media didn’t report on Andrew Coffee, a black man who shot a SWAT TEAM cop who was acquitted ON SELF DEFENSE, THE SAME DAY AS RITTENHOUSE!!! Yes A BLACK MAN SHOT A SWAT TEAM COP, who shot at him first killing his girlfriend, was shown to be acting in SELF DEFENSE. I guess they didn’t report it because it doesn’t fit the narrative! But the 2 white guys in Georgia got 30 yrs for shooting a fleeing criminal, Ahmaud Arbery, who wasn’t “out jogging” you need to stop with this “racist justice system” bullshit!

    Why did the riots in Kenosha happen in the first place? Oh yea, THE MEDIA LIED and said “Police shoot innocent black man in the back!”
    Jacob Blake, was violating a order of protection for sexual assault against his x girlfriend, on the 911 call she said “Jacob Blake is at my house” so, everyone knew him! She continued: “He’s trying to steal the keys to my rental car” Police showed up, found out Blake also had a open sexual assault warrant, he fought the police, was tased, TWICE, then tried to get into a vehicle a flee, with children, who weren’t his, in the back seat!!! That’s a fleeing felon, police shot him! 100% justified. Instead the lying “civil rights lawyer” you’re talking to, brings up, Walter Scott? And avoids explaining why those riots in Kenosha happened in the first place! The cop didn’t “plant a taser on Scott” he was high on alcohol and cocaine and fought with the cop, that’s resisting arrest and assault on a officer! Shooting was 100% justified, yet that cop sits in jail! And you still lie and say we have “unfair, racist, Justice system” 🤦‍♂️

  6. Love you Jimmy. Thank you with every blessing for telling the truth!! 🙏🏼 You are strong. Stay strong and always speak truth no matter how “problematic” to the corporate corrupt media narrative. Blessings to you and yours.

  7. What I think is sick is all the fact-checker articles described Rosenbaum as accused of "sexual misconduct with preteens" when he raped multiple children. Why are some writers so ideological that they spin everything? It's actually scary.

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