Media Launches Coordinated Fake News To STOP GameStop Rebellion, Federal Regulator SHUT DOWN Trading

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Written by Timcast

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  1. Move on, Tim. I watched you guys all year last year, and what changed? Nothing is going to change. You guys just add unnecessary stress to your lives. Spend your ONE life on something that matters to YOU.

  2. The Q people have been buying the silver for about a year and have recently committed to buying more. So it's not the left doing the silver. It's the right. It was $17 like a year ago and it's $29 now. Reddit doesn't want their side to invest in silver. That's fine. But the Q people have been investing in sliver for awhile. We are trying to crash the dollar to bring in gold and silver backed money. Which is really what the Q stuff is really about. Wouldn't be surprised if it was the same people pushing the Reddit stuff that pushed the Q stuff. Use both sides to crash the system.

  3. @5:45 Think of it this way, The best advice I can give you is to go get advice from someone who knows what they're talking about… ????‍♂️
    Bur seriously, what do you feel that their (media) goal is. Is it to get more people to buy silver, including this 1 companies? Or is it a ploy to get people fearful of a silver crash and sell what they have?

    —-> BTW, I find it funny, this whole scandal saved a dying company that had resorted to scamming it's customers to try to stay afloat… Food for thought

  4. GenX here. I bought silver, I've been long on silver since 2013. The spike is gonna happen. When it does, I'll sell some for cash and buy more when the price falls. This isn't advise. I just try to play the game the elites play.

  5. It’s all connected. The pandemic. The financial power plays. The media manipulation. Those truly ‘in charge’ want to ruin all of our middle class lives. In any way they can

  6. Love him, or hate him. President Trump is the one, who's had the biggest impact. On exposing establishment corruption in (Hollywood)(FSM)(politicians)& these athletic (heroes)& most of the sports industry. Some people already new the system was corrupt, but he is definitely the one. Who helped bring it to the masses.I'm actually surprised they are not trying to blame him for this gamestop thing.

  7. Well thanks TIM. I have money in AG and its sinking now. For someone not owning stocks you sure made a shitty affect for some. Its kinda shitty 4 everyone owning shares.

  8. Remember now that Wallstreet firms probably all have a small team that just sits on WallStreetBets all day refreshing to see what's happening. Not to mention they are probably making troll accounts to mess with the users. I would be willing to bet that FOX Business and CNBC are doing the same thing. Also the SEC and whoever else has a vested interest in keeping these disgusting traders filthy rich and the little guy poor.

  9. Every thing about this demonocery is Fake including the Market.They bought a virius a vaccine to win election it's all a fake bad movie. Block their media boycott China Hollywood Amazon Facebook Twitter all you can. These people are the seven things God hates. They should all be stoned.