Media Launches SMEARS Of Joe Rogan As Excuse To Stop Biden From Joining EPIC Debate With Trump

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  1. It's because of the recent podcast where Rogan was mocking Biden's clear cognitive decline.The onyl way Biden is going to stand even a small chance of getting through a debate is if the debate is heavily controlled e.g. the mediator stepping in every time Biden starts getting into trouble and Rogan won't do that ofc

  2. Joe Rogan is one of the most, if not THE most unbiased talk show host out there. They really think the people who vote for them are mentally challenged. Who would fall for this shit?

  3. LOL, Joy Behar claims to not know who Joe Rogan is? That's the stupid kind of lie you could make before the internet was a thing. They came up as comedians in the same world, before people realized she isn't a comedian.

  4. That would be such a pivotal turning point in our culture. It would be the greatest event, talked about for the next 100 years. 100 years from now, people would talk about it.. i hope something gives and it happens

  5. Oh yeah, I'm sure the most popular podcaster ever, is some kind of raging "whatever" they want to accuse him of.
    It's hard to even feel sarcastic about this obvious attempt to smear someone.

  6. 9:00 No it can't happen. you have too many people in power and with money who take themselves way too seriously to let that happen. Wow imagine that too many people that have money. capitalism at its finest.