Media Lies About Ukraine/Russia DEBUNKED!

The media description of the Russian attack on Ukraine has almost universally elided and whitewashed the role played by the US and its NATO allies, including supporting a coup overthrowing the democratically elected president in 2014, refusing to support the Minsk Accords or refusing to engage in negotiations in the months leading up to the Russian invasion.

Jimmy and The Grayzone’s Aaron Maté discuss the lies and misrepresentations surrounding the leadup to the war in Ukraine.

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  1. the truth is blinding
    just been asked to unfollow someone because i dared to suggest 1/3 of the Ukrainian population are ethnic Russians
    i did even better said goodbye and Goodluck
    (welcome to block)
    frightening that the truth is offensive
    what's the quote
    'telling the truth in times of universal deceit is a revolutionary act"

  2. Wtf is this reporting? You bypassed western propaganda and went straight for Russian propaganda? Putin has no justification for this invasion. Europe is looking at Georgia in 2008, Chrimea in 2014, and now the entire Ukraine in 2022 and shitting bricks. Rightfully so. Putin is an oligarch who is trying to build an empire. We have to stop him at some point. You guys here are delusional.

  3. China's way to explain the Ukraine/Russia war. I’m sure everyone is confused: If the news version of Russia vs Ukraine is too complicated, it is recommended to read the commentary of the novel version. See translation

    More than 20 years ago, Ukraine divorced her ex-husband (Russia), and several children belonged to her.

    The ex-husband was also very accommodating to her and left her a lot of family property. After that, the ex-husband also paid off more than 200 billion debts for her.

    After getting rid of her ex-husband, Ukraine started flirting and flirting with the village bully (USA) and a group of prostitutes (Western states) until she was completely in their arms. That's still okay, (but) she completely listened to the village tyrant, and hooked up to attack her ex-husband.

    The ex-husband was very angry and insisted on returning a child: Crimea.

    Ukraine began to hold grudges and dreams. She wanted to marry into the NATO family and squeeze her ex-husband.

    The village bully didn't want to marry her. He just wanted to use her to bully her ex-husband. With every effort, the two children were forced to cry and look for their father.

    The village bully was always on the sidelines, just sending some expired items (ammunition) from time to time.

    Ukraine thought she had someone to support her, and was even more presumptuous towards her ex-husband.

    The ex-husband couldn't bear it anymore, and looked at the poor children, and rushed over with the guy to ask the two children to go back, so they started fighting.

    Weibo netizens posted this explanation of the relationship between Russia, Ukraine, the United States, etc. with a family ethics drama.

    I understand immediately 😂😂

  4. This is a form of propaganda. Lot's of truth here, but certain things are being left out. I commend Biden for not putting
    American boots on the ground.
    This dude talks about Syria and Yemen, which have nothing to do with Ukraine. The violent coup you keep yapping about was aiding Ukranians in their desire to rid their Russia loving authoritarian mother fuckin leader. Watch the film, "Winter on Fire". Where the fuck do you get the idea that the west would ATTACK RUSSIA? Jesus. The naivety here is off the charts.

  5. Putin had WARNED Ukraine not to use the multi-head “GRAD (Hail) Rocket System” on the population of Donetsk and Lugansk – to no avail. Those are ‘CARPET BOMBING’ type of warheads so over 80% of casualties in the conflict are ethnic Russian civilians. That’s why Putin unleashed mid-evil on the Ukrainian military and rightfully so.

  6. HOWDY, Putin here. I'd like to thank my loyal comrade, Jimmy,
    for his never ending mission to get my message out. I plan to give you a large raise soon. Thank you for joining our team! -Vlad

  7. Its mpt thzt Zelensky refused to talk "anymore" with the Donetsk and Luhansk Russian speaking regions of Ukraaine, inf fact he never did at all, and refused to recognize them in anyway, and in fact the US installed Keiv regime has been bombarding cities and villages there for 8 years with heavy artillery and missles. Killing 1300 in Donetsk alone.
    Also Russia refused to talk to Kiev about the Donbass region problem (where Donetsk and Luhansk are) as well as
    They have always called it an:" internal Ukrainian problem", this up until a day before the surprise invasion of Ukraine and then finally Russia recognized them as independent states.

  8. There is no black and white…. NATO shouldnt expend they are a "deffence" alliance but at the same time Russia have nothing to do in Ukraine just like US dont have anythng to do in the Middeleast, Afganistan or South China Sea… US should stay in US and Russia should stay in Russia. – so conclusion they are all morons and warmongers… and theres only 1 loser the civilians 🙁

  9. Youtubers who claimed to be in the "middle" or right leaning of the political spectrum are ignoring Ukraine history and blindly blame Russia for Biden. These Youtubers are being exposed.

  10. How about that Ukrainian fighter-pilot Ace that shot down 5 Rooskie jets? Wow! An SU-35 among the Ruskie jets plugged by the 35 yr. old MIG. Quite a feat – Ukraine needed a hero for US Media.

  11. Not one word about Russia involved in our elections. They act like The US helping Israel since 1949 in analogous to what putin is doing. Then Chompsky uses the Yada Yada Yada technique to gloss over Russia's stunts. Then Jimmy tries to make the US look like they were responsible for the Cuban missle crisis and that Russia actually trying to install nukes in Cuba was comparable to the current situation. They didn't say one word about the Crimean peninsula or russias naval aggressions. Every thing Russia does is for strategical positioning. In fact, the guest in this video starts off by saying what Russia is doing is illegal. Then tries to excuse all that with flimsy excuses. No shit US wants to control the streams of natural resources in the region. So does Russia. Aside from that being the unfortunate nature of business, it is a reasonable way to put the kibosh on Russia's aggressions. As far as wanting to influence the Ukrainian government, so does Russia. Russia also has no right saying what other countries can and cannot do. No mention of putins kgb career. Then they offer up a solution as if they can just head up to Washington and say how it should be. Like it would be a stroll in the park. We get it you don't like or respect Biden, neither do I. And you apparently don't care for Israel. So be it. But that's no reason to put out a contrived pos video like this in a backwards assed attempt to try to say that putin is somehow justified in what he is doing. The Russian people aren't happy about what putin is doing. And putin doesn't care about that. Listen dip shit, this war is an act. And globalist are going to make a lot of money and this stupid natural resource narrative has been decided already. That's enough reason to be angry. And by the way you act like the US is pumping fuel all the while. You should be pissed that fuel prices and energy markets are not being allowed to operate under natural economic laws. Prices are not being held high by the invisible hand. And there are no product shortages and inflation is a lie as well. Wake up!!! Just don't get woke! Stop using the way to bssh Biden. Their are plenty of other things you could use instead of trying to make Russia seem like they have good reason for invading the Ukraine. Also, you said nothing about putin saying he wasn't planning on invadong the Ukraine. It Putin threatening to use nukes. Wtf!

  12. Jimmy. Michael Hudson supports Aaron´s argument, alleging that US foreign policy seeks to prevent alliances between European inductrial countries and Russia since such could strengthen the latter economically and challenge US global primacy, especially given the blossoming RF/PRC alliance across the Euroasian land mass.. Hasta Siempre, Gwyn Williams..

  13. So, Jimmy, what was the woman that gets raped wearing? Was she wearing a provocative dress? Was she basically asking for it? Begging for attention?
    What do you think?

  14. Wow I am Ukrainian,and it is soo insulting. This dude is a Russian zombie juice machine of disinformation. .A koo was ORANGE Revolution where Ukrainians took down a Moscow rulled pseudo President. Not elected ! We Ukrainians wanted it. Ukrainians was shot at by Russian snipers on the square in Kyiv. If Americans helped us any than God bless America. ..Putin was worried he is loosing his grip on Ukraine, took over Crimea in 2014 and took over Donbas from the East by flooding it with Russian insurgents. Screw your 2015 agreement! We gave up our nukes in 92! For a protection in case of such aggression in 2014! No one honored that agreement! .
    AND WHY ?! WHY?! putin decides weather or not Ukraine should be or not in NATO? ISN'T IT UP TO UKRAINIANS?

  15. Another contrast would be — Did Russia help to form and support Ukrainian forces like the Azov battalion, as US/CIA has done in the case of presumptive enemies, affording it pretexts for war, like, e.g., Al Qaeda and ISIL?

  16. Granting that all that is true, are you implying that it’s now ok for Russia to just take over Ukraine and make it part of Russia? NATO would surely be on its border then, directly on its border. It makes no sense..

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