Media Melting Down Over Elon Musk Buying Twitter

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Written by Mark Dice

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  1. I never joined or signed up for Facebook or Twitter for the main reason of how one sided they were but it's possible that I might learn how to Tweet now that it might actually be a free speech site now.

  2. good for Elon BUT i do not trust him. I do not want to be microchipped. I dont like he is torturing monkeys for these brain chips. God have mercy on us. thanks Mark! Elon blocking you should be a badge of honor … shows how he is …. Elon really about freedom? hmmmmm

  3. The only reason the left is afraid is because their reality is doing exactly what the claim to fear. Kudos to getting some of their own medicine. Oh, sorry, the right doesn't stoop to the level of censoring their opponents.

  4. If someone invited me to a party where I could do anything I wanted I'd go every night? Free dinner and entertainment at the least? When food prices are rising, some free food would go a long way. I know Brian doesn't think about the american public or how the majority of us would show up to that party to fill our tanks with free gas instead of watching libtard celebs will smith each other.

  5. It's been a wonderful a month.
    Elon Musk liberated twitter.
    Disney was shut down for grooming.
    Netflix whent woke and broke. Critical Race Theory was shut down in our Schools. Trump is suing Hillary for spreading the Russia collusion hoax. Biden's approval continues to flop further and further and the latest polls continue to have Trump winning 2024 in a hypothetical matchup. The cherry on top of the cake now is I get to watch the progressives have a meltdown.

  6. It's hilarious how the eunuch Brian stelter have wants people to believe that it's going to be like the Wild West.

    When you've gone too far in One direction and you try to reel it in just a little bit, people think you're going too far in the opposite direction.

  7. Yup elon is no longer a wildcard for me…
    Seen an interview he was doing and he said something on the lines of all speech is welcomed unless it is mis/dis information….
    That confirmed him being part of the plan

  8. Does anyone have a check and balances on Elon Musk. I like him on Joe Rogan, but seems to me the guy with control of AI, space, electric cars and whatever else he does. Thankfully George Washington refused being crowned King and gave us the freedom of a constitution. I want to join truth when it comes out for Android but I don't want to divide my family farther apart since they are so stuck on main strem media. Not sure I trust his plan, I font want to merge into a borg. Does my body my choice still count.

  9. Hopefully the neural link will help the disabled, but of course it may have weapons applications or no one would even bother with it. Humans always test new technologies capabilities for use in weapons early on in its development, we always have since the cave man days.

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