Media Narrative Highlighted In Difference In Reporting Between Jan 6th, White House Riots

Tim, Ian, and Lydia join founder and former CEO of Papa John’s Pizza John Schnatter to look at the difference between secret service officers actually injured during riots under the Trump administration in contrast with the police officers who reported being scared at the January 6th protest at the Capitol and how the difference in explaining these events highlights the bent of the mainstream narrative.

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Written by Timcast IRL


  1. People are fickle with short memories brother they have forgotten and they will forget again the left is not giving away free money for the peoples sake but to essentially buy votes and ensure a future where they rule and sheeple follow their masters.

  2. We KNOW the system, as it is, now does not work if you are on the right and support Trump. Pelosi and ilk absolutely know it is hypocritical and they do not fucking care.

  3. It was a set up 100%, the left knows it. Take down Trump at all cost was their motto. Its not to hard to put on a Trump shirt if your on the far radical left and go raise hell to make that happen

  4. An ECONOMIC question never asked… Where dies the money go when Illegal immigrants work here?? Answer- their families in… wait for it… MEXICO. And Mexico's income is mostly from those individuals.

  5. Wherever they're sending the migrant children make sure they know capitalism is what made the country they risked their lives to get to so great.

  6. If 10,000 assassins went to Washington and eliminated all of the politicians and bureaucrats I think the American people might have faith in it after they put in people they can trust.

  7. Where the hell have you been? These lifelong politicians become millionaires by selling back Coke bottles and recycling huge aluminum foil balls they took years making.

  8. Trump cares only about Trump, Not you. Not the office he held. Not America. Only Trump. The whole world can see that and you just look stupid in front of the whole world. I believe America will eventually come to its senses. That corrupt Republicans will be ousted. Trump and many others will be found accountable and hopefully prosecuted. I'm looking at this from outside the US. It's impotant for the whole world to have a stable US. Currently, we do not. Not because of the current administration, but because of the continued support of Trump by fanatics.