Media Pushes Meaningless “State Lines” Talking Point In Rittenhouse Coverage

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  1. Belgian here, our state media also published they were 3 blacks, "journalist" with 30 years of experience. Ofc they also said he had the gun illegally and after being called out for that line that the law was unclear.

  2. Lmao so this is why msm won't do real journalism…. because they are too scared to cross state lines lol….

    Which means they can't cover protests or elections, or coups in other countries…absolutely fucking hilarious

  3. I grew up in Maryland near the Pennsylvania border and there was a hiking trail that ran from 2 in Maryland to 2 miles into PA. I was crossing states lines as a minor nearly every weekend when I'd run that thing end to end. Spooky

  4. Sure, the "state lines" fact is meaningless but isn't it still a serious offense for a 17 year old to either be given a gun or take it from his father's home , then walk the streets with this gun and shoot people? When I was a kid, my father would be responsible if I even hurt someone. Why wasn't his father part of the trial or others questioned about what happened before the 'altercation' that caused him to run away?

  5. I am turning myself in to the authorities. When I was 17, I crossed state lines. I have been looking over my shoulder for 26 years, and I just can’t continue to live on the run.

  6. Apparently jimmy, the differences between state lines and or county lines , can be very extreme… even as for a district… commit a crime in Langley, Georgetown, vs DC and they are very different. Jimmy if you want to be fair, which is what you always say, then you can't pick and choose what law is to be abided by and what's not…. like George Bush lying is into a war….. do you have proof he knew at that time? Congress ratified a declaration of war… therefore not making it illegal….. wrong , hell yes, but illegal? No, thanks to those dummies in congress and yet , you still trying to imprison Bush lol… come on jimmy, I've been one of your biggest backers but you can't pick and choose what laws are abided or they mean nothing, it's a total different set of laws that apply to ask the people of Windsor and Detroit how extreme ones laws are from another or El pass and jaurez… in lot of cases, the matter of one mile is one being brought up on federal charges vs misdemeanor charges… Plaxico Burress, under federal charges, shot himself…. look at that charge…… himself he shot with an illegal firearm….. ok this is the point where people tell me about the strict gun laws thar apply to the Plaxico burres case ,,, and this will be the point I tell you ….. its only a misdemeanor charge…. or it's just county charges because miles matter…..I'll take this as people terribly not knowing the world about them…. I'll take this as having no real life education about the real world, I'm from Texas and the charges of having alcohol vs a dry county were huge….. the kid had a illegal firearm to which the cops welcomed him…. vigilante justice is in itself a crime….jimmy, your getting to a point to where you are being just like the turks where by default you take the opposite charge…. they say blue, you say red, up is your down….. isn't this just being partisan? You always say , you have more in common with those you don't like then you think…well… sometimes a broke clock is right twice a day…. I'm not liking this road you have chosen…. becoming to petty to where it's hard to see your path you took before….

  7. I may not agree with every opinion you may have JD, but you always present the facts when there in an objective manner and back what you say with credible information. Much respect and I love your videos.

  8. State lines mantra is not meaningless. It subliminally and hypnotically implants the notion that dangerous people come from other states so more centralized federal oversight over states rights is urgently needed..

  9. I have not been following this case much apart from seeing the guys photo but this compilation video is hilarious!! Half way through and this already looks like a South part comedy skit with how they just randomly add facts to a repeating dumb line xD

  10. Do you think these people have all been told what to say. State lines state lines state lines state lines . All my family live there across state lines attorney asks so evey time you visit your family you cross state lines . Every time you go to work you actually cross state lines. How can he be innocent he keeps crossing state lines but thats not a crime it isent are you sure. HA HA HA HA HA HA HA HA HA HA HA HA HA HA HA

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