Media Rewrites Ukraine’s Dark History | SYSTEM UPDATE with Glenn Greenwald

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Written by Glenn Greenwald


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  1. More disturbing than the blatant memory-holing is the alarming indifference of most Americans.

    Trillions of dollars disappearing God-knows-where? Not important. Henry Cavill isn't playing Superman anymore.

  2. Glenn, are you going to do an in depth on DeSantis? He has way too many shady connections and I never considered the anti-shrooming bill “anti-shrooming”, as it literally never did anything except 1-3rd grade. How bout all grades? How bout stopping the Marxist indoctrination too? Fire all these apparatchiks posing as “teachers”. Deport them to China.

  3. Saddam was gassing his own people with technology supplied by the usa, targeting supplied by the usa, because they needed him to survive to use those same weapons on the Iranians.

  4. Look, Glen, you need to shut the hell up! The world doesn’t need a neutral Ukraine, especially since we already got Switzerland! That’s more than enough wishy washy bastards for my taste already! Besides, my defense stock-heavy portfolio is kicking ass this year! Why, Boeing alone is up almost 70% in 2022–and in a bear market! So, I don’t give a fat rat’s ass if every Ukrainian is killed! I’m making money hand over fist, and things are looking especially bright since the crooks that run our Pentagon have just failed their 5th government audit! That’s music to my ears, or should I say, “cha ching!” So, stop being a jackass and join the party, instead! Hopefully, if our current administration can manage to kick this thing up to a world war, which it seems like they’re hell bent on doing (though whether intentionally or not is certainly far from clear at this point), defense company profits and share prices will really go through the roof! Of course, it goes without saying that you’ll want to make sure you’re not staying in or near any large cities or military installations, as these will surely be on the Russian Nuclear Force’s target list. Good luck!

  5. There is no dark story.
    Ukraine is a simple, typical East European country.
    Glenn crying about evil Ukraine is comical. Westerners don't understand that not everyone considers the American empire as an immediate threat. For us in East Europe, Russia was always the empire to fear and find ways to weaken and deal with.
    American help in this endeavor is obviously welcomed.
    Additionally, just because you're provoked it doesn't mean you should invade and annex territories, this is not 1800. Now that the deed is done, I guess it's time for some war of attrition, and giving the Russians another Afghanistan.
    Keep seething, Glenn.

  6. Having the people of the dobas and Crimea vote for their own destiny under UN control or brokered by New Zealand or Sweeden would be a good way to create a piece deal that would be believable. I don't trust Russia and I don't trust my own country despite my personal love for America and my fellow citizens.
    Thanks for suggesting this Glenn. Perhaps you should consider a career change to statesman, peace broker.

  7. Glenn please read about Archibald Wheeler (if you haven't already). He coined the term "it from bit" which has all sorts of significance and relevancy from propaganda to quantum physics., delayed choice experiment etc. Its amazing what we can be attuned into or out of based on information feedback and reception, and prior knowledge. The concept of memory holing is very scientific, if his theories held true which is one can with present actions change the historical record in a deep fundamental way, perhaps even effecting reality itself. i know it sounds crazy… delayed choice experiments etc

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