Media Silent as Steven Donziger JAILED in Chevron Corporate Prosecution

Krystal and Saagar update viewers on the jail sentence handed to Steven Donziger in his fight against Chevron and how little coverage it received in media spaces

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  1. Another example of how the rich and powerful railroad the average joe. I do not know all the details but just watching this segment makes this horrible case of misjustice.

  2. You ALLOW power to corrupt, power corrupts. I liked the outrage shown by Krystal. Btw, isn't that exactly what has happened with the Jan 6th protesters? Even they have till date been charged with misdemeanor YET, for 9 months, they are in solitary confinement. Why are you not as outraged?

  3. Did you watch Lawrence O'Donnell last night on MSNBC? He questioned whether or not the IRS was planning to spy on our bank transactions. In the $3.5 trillion infrastructure bill, banks are going to report to the IRS any transaction over $600. Not once in Lawrence's interview with the Deputy Secretary of the Treasury, Wally Adeyemo, did Lawrence pressure where the $600 figure came from. All Adeyemo said was that the Treasury Department will use this information to get the rich to pay taxes and Lawrence fell for it hook, line, and sinker. Nancy Pelosi said verbatim that she wants banks to report to the IRS any transaction that's more than $600. Lawrence gave a 5 minute interview with the Treasury Department (The fox is guarding the hen house.) and he bought this their explanation? This is pure propaganda by MSNBC to fool working class people into complacency. What if you're wrong, Lawrence? "Oops, I made a mistake." Really? Disgusting.

  4. SPIVRON should make reparation for Donziger, the bereaved Ecuadorians and their poisoned territory then be banged up for a very long time to set an example for other greedy murderous corporations.

  5. This is why I come here to find out what is going on. The media is supposed to be working on these stories while the rest of us go to work and do our part to build a society. When we come home after a day of working and turn to the "news" we find stories about some celebrity meltdown instead. Keep up the good work.

  6. after just a small amount of looking into both sides … what is provided as facts by Krystal are more than a little lite regarding the whole story, kinda like Al Gore being an expert on Climate along with being a Noble prize winning because of what exactly?

  7. And we wonder why they needed to manufacture an election outcome.
    This is very good journalism.
    What else is astonishing, lawyers are mum. Apparently, lawyers have been compromised as Dr's are. There are no longer any trustworthy institutions. Joe Rogan and this program and Epoch Times seem to the only entities interested in important matters.
    Good job Krystal, good job Saagar.

  8. And Crystal you are absolutely right , spot on that's what they're trying to do make an example of him!!! Typical left-wing radicals, nothing new from the left just more corruption.
    Go Brandon…..🤯🤯🤯
    Time to clean out the government and all the judges that are corrupt !!!

  9. All the corruption going on in the Biden Administration and this Injustice is in the news but not the fake news = msnbc, cnn,abc,nbc,cbs, are not even talkin about it.
    The American people at least over 50% of them anyway are tired of your lies and Corruption on the left in our government….. !!!!!!!
    And you know what they say what goes around comes around and every dog has its day and you people will have your day and it's not going to be a good day !!!

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