Media Threaten Violence If Trump Wins | The Andrew Klavan Show Ep. 955

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Threats of violence, anonymous slanders and flat out lies — the news media goes insane.

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0:00 – Intro
2:30 – Top Comment 
3:23 – The Big Idea: Confession And Oppression
7:03 – Black Law Students Association At University Of San Diego School Of Law Calls For The University To Train Diversity Offers To Monitor All Classrooms
10:01 – Rosa Brooks, Founder Of Transition Integrity Project, Says The Only Way To Maintain Peace Is To Vote For Joe Biden 
22:00 – The Atlantic Article By Jeffrey Goldberg That Accuses Trump Of Disparaging Fallen Soldiers 
25:36 – John Bolton Gives His Account On Trump’s Decision To Not Visit The Cemetary Proving The Atlantic Article Is False
32:26 – Joe Biden Visits Kenosha Wisconsin And Addresses The Community With A Confusing Speech

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Written by The Daily Wire

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  1. President Trump is the only President to not take a Salary, that’s how selfless he is. He truly wants to help and revive America unlike the democrat party who run for office to enrich themselves, their family, their friends and big donors.

  2. It's so boring to hear Klavan time and time again hedge about Trump, along the lines of "he's a big meannie, he's rude, I don't like his behavior", etc., etc. Get over it, Klavan. It makes you sound condescending to the president, and it makes you sound weak. I don't care if you're technically correct, stop empathizing with the left, because that's exactly what it is.

  3. Just remember, anything the insane left accuses Trump of, they are actively engaging in themselves. Wait for tapes from Democrats leaking where they mock and insult veterans.

  4. @37:44 Biden: "This is the first chance we've had in a generation …to cut another slice off institutional racism"

    So eight years of Obama and Eric Holder as Attorney General did nothing to combat "institutional racism"? Well, yeah, that's true, things just got worse under Barry from Honolulu.

    Anyway, after Biden says "A black guy invented the light bulb, not a white guy named Edison", I love how you can actually hear @38:51 someone just fart in consternation at such a bold faced revisionist statement.

    "Why can't we teach actual history in history class"

    No one wants leftist revisionism, except the chick @41:02 who whispers "i know", when Biden said Trump has made no inroads on law and order.

  5. ZERO HEDGE – DHS Braces For 'Potential EMP Attack' As Presidential Election Nears Fri, 09/04/2020 – 21:25The U.S. Department of Homeland Security (DHS) released a new report warning about a "potential" electromagnetic pulse (EMP) attack against the U.S.
    One thing is certain, I don’t think the there is really much of anything “they would not do”.

    It seems the KABUKI virus narrative maybe falling apart somewhat.. and the level of desperation Is increasing at an incredible rate.

    I don’t think that there is really anything that is off the table at this point now.

    I do think they are vile and evil enough to do unspeakable things – no matter what the collateral damage is.

    Zero Hedge:

    Actual DHS Report:

  6. I am disappointed, it appears that the libertarian party is as bad as the democratic party, I feel like there's no solid reason being given to vote for Jo Jorgensen other than she's not Trump.. conservatives aren't going to vote just because she might be nicer to people

  7. My in-laws were in nazi Germany. if they said anything off color they had a knock on the door. My husbands grandfather had to work in the camp because they came for his son he told them he was in the cemetery go get him. These people have no clue what the hell they are asking for.

  8. BLM having Mao struggle groups while you try to eat lunch and being beaten for not raising your hand to follow the Marxist party line. Next year 2021 the Democrats will launch the killing fields of Cambodia as a new American Classic.
    War looks like a better option, at least the amount of dead will be less.