Media Whitewashes Ukraine Nazis!

MSNBC contributor Malcolm Nance tweeted out recently that the notorious Ukrainian paramilitary force known as the Azov Battalion had been “cleansed” of its Nazi elements in 2014, shortly after helping to lead the Maidan Rebellion. Nance offered no supporting evidence for the claim, but his tweet fits into the larger pattern of whitewashing of neo-Nazi involvement in the Ukrainian military that’s been ongoing since the Russian invasion, even though prior to this conflict the so-called “Nazi problem” in Ukraine was widely discussed and acknowledged.

Jimmy explains how the “disappearing” of neo-Nazis in the Ukrainian military and paramilitary units helps sell the good vs evil narrative of the Ukraine-Russia conflict.

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  1. Malcolm Nance…what a fucking joke. In 4 years serving in the USMC, I never met a nazi. I never met a white supremacist. In the infantry, we were all the same color…green.

    Why would Ukraine purge their ranks of Nazis? They had zero motivation to do so. There are many many docu-stories on the Nazis in Ukraine that are over 10yrs old.

  2. Zionism IS Nazism! In fact, you could look at Nazi to mean … "Nationalist Zionist" although, it originally meant Ashkenazi – NOT nationalist socialist!
    What Nazism truly is, is Ethnic Supremacy; like the Azov in Ukraine, and the Apartheid State of Israel(who, for the last 70 years has committed ethnic cleansing against the Palestinian people), which the U.S. funds in the Billions every damn year! Does that make the U.S. Nazi? Perhaps it does! The U.S. continues to support and benefit from Nazi techniques and ideology; so that must make the U.S. Nationalist Zionist… I mean Nazi.

  3. Ha. I know these types of old Rock Against Communism skinheads, I was one back in the 90s. The ASOV insignia is just the 2nd waffen SS panzer turned sideways. They are a bunch of neoNazis. Not everyone in Ukraine of course but they sure as fuck are.

  4. The guys unwilling to believe there's nazis in azov battalion but he's willing to cast aspersions on US Armed forces. His record says he part Deep State and plays their divide and conquer game defending racism on the one hand while pushing it with the other.

  5. I'm X-Navy and I'd call Malcolm Nance a POS to his F face. Every sentence from his mouth is a twisted, manipulating lie meant to advance the Nazi/ Democrat cause of world domination. He's incapable of dealing with reality.

  6. "cleansed", how so? Did they convert them all into rational thinking, put them in jail, maybe something a bit worse? Where did they all go and how were they replaced? Did they get rid of the leaders in the groups that started them?

    Sure Putin is a power hungry asshole who only did this for his own sake, he doesn't actually care about Russia, BUT this is also a huge problem that we are so driven by the same greed and power that we would intentionally overlook the same type of people who caused WWII and have some of the worst opinions on the planet all for the sake of the powerful and wealthy here making more money.

  7. FREEDOM is bad, because you might not do what the government wants you to do. THAT is obviously Jimmy Dore's stance; a wolf in synthetic sheep's clothing. HEIL DORE! HELL NO!

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