Media’s DESPERATE Smears Of Amy Coney Barrett Will BACKFIRE On Democrats, Hearings Are A SHAM

Media’s DESPERATE Smears Of Amy Coney Barrett Will BACKFIRE On Democrats, Hearings Are A SHAM. The Amy Coney Barrett hearings are a formality and the vote will likely end on party lines.

Democrats are doing well to hold their strategy of focusing on healthcare but leftists in media can’t help but smear ACB with absurd lies.

Already progressives and Democrat activists are attacking her religion and trying to find any excuse to claim she’s going to discriminate against people

Democrats had been warned that the Brett Kavanaugh Effect would result in Trump and Republicans getting a huge boost but the media doesn’t seem to care.


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Written by Tim Pool

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  1. Let's play the game of taking Democrats at their word again. Given their mockery over mask wearing, we can now take them at their word as being devout anti-maskers.

  2. Only Dems and Feminists can be so deluded that Western women are somehow oppressed that they must turn to a work of fiction for their examples of so-called 'oppression'. It is like they are too feeble-minded to understand that fiction is by definition imaginary and not real.

  3. The term "sexual preference" is NOT widely denounced. That is a lie, made up by propagandists on the moment to try and damage ACB.
    5 minutes after she's confirmed, nobody will remember that this term is now verboten. Including the people at Business Insider.

  4. With regard to the 'dying wish' argument. RBG was a remarkable person. Although I didn't always agree with her dissent, I agreed with the fairness in which she arrived to her arguments and rulings. She has been portrayed as a family oriented, working mom who was able to successfully balance the loves of her life (family) and her love of the law. If anyone has ever held the hand of a dying loved one, you'd know that their dying wish is most definitely NOT about anything to do with work or politics. That argument is disgusting and disrespectful to the final moments of a great lady.

  5. They hate her cuz she is a woman and they can't "meTOO" her with some fake accusations and then later recant them. Dems hate minorities and women who get off the Democrat Plantation. HOW DARE YOU think for yourself!

  6. I'm not a Republican but my husband is, and I can guarantee he is definitely not a fascist. He's far from it. The left has lost it's ever loving mind.
    So, the average every day woman CAN have a job and raise kids at the same time but Mrs. Coney Barrett can not? If it wasnt for double standards, the left wouldn't have any standards at all

  7. This is too much! Sexual preference refers to each person not just LGBT. That includes straight people. I have been an activist for LGBT since the early 80’s. Please stop!!

  8. Did business insider cite a source on "widely denounced term"? No they didn't. This is one of the more insidious ways contemporary yellow press smudge up their stories. Claiming widely held belief, widely denounced term etc. when the topic at issue is anything but. Personally I have never seen 'preference' labelled as a no-no word but then again I'm not neck deep in critical theory literature 24/7. Critical theory people always obfuscate and change definitions as it suits them without notice.