Medical Ethics Professor FIRED Over Vaccine – Now Vindicated!

In January medical ethics professor Aaron Kheriaty was fired by the University of California-Irvine for violating the mandate that all university employees be vaccinated against COVID-19. Kheriaty’s argument that since he’d already contracted COVID so his so-called “natural immunity” should serve just as well as the vaccine, if not better, fell on deaf ears and he was let go. But now evidence from Pfizer itself has revealed that the vaccine is no better at stopping contraction or the spread of COVID, yet few if any employers with vaccine mandates are reconsidering their policies to accept natural immunity.

Jimmy and Professor Kheriaty discuss the various ways the justification for mandates are collapsing as additional research and information comes in.

For more information on the August 10 Defeat the Mandates Rally in LA:

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  1. Wealth transferred happened from small businesses to Monopolies corporations in the name of essential and not essentials services. Oligarchs became richer pretending they are smarter than other human beings. How to make people poorer tell them to stay home for 2 years disrupt the economy and inflate prices.

  2. I saw through all of this shit from day 1. before it had even come over from china i told people the real weapon would be a vuxxafukkascene never wore the mask never shot that junk up. Guess im just superior level intellect these days having never used EMF technology much

  3. This professor is a cool customer. Just spitting facts straight no chase, no gross emotional superfluous sentimentality. I can see why he was part of policy making, a rare instance where I can say that recently.

  4. We will look back at this time and, once again, see how hysteria separate those with real principles and those with faux-principles. Jimmy Dore will be seen as a hero, much like those of the Red Scare who stood up to the overreach of a tyrannical government that criminally ignored constitutional protections. I hope this doctor gets his job back.

  5. Jimmy, they knew it was an engineered product loose on the global population, and literally thought it was going to be way worse, they panicked, made deadly decisions, bafoons!

  6. You can protest mandates all you want but Dr Richard Pan is going to give you a spanking with his bills for example

    SB 871
    17 yr old and under must get covid-19 vaccination to attend school or CHILD CARE
    SB 866 12 to 17-year-olds can get vaccinated without parental permission… No religious exemption allowed
    SB1464 forces law enforcement to enforce health orders

  7. More Richard Pan legislation and there's nothing you can do about it…..
    AB1993 all employees must show proof of vaccination including independent contractors
    AB2098 doctors sharing covid-19 misinformation to be disciplined

  8. You have to get vaccinated to get on campus but if your vaccinated you still spread the disease you're still contagious!!!
    So it doesn't make any sense and it's really stupid if you want to smash their face in with a baseball bat…

  9. We still need to wear masks, your going to begin to see the real horror of covid manifesting itself in the permenant damage to vital organs from even mild exposure,re exposure compounding. We already know ( autopsies data) that covid alone damages the heart, lungs, kidneys, brain and vascular systems. ( irreversible damage with each new infection, natural immunity, vaccine matters not) ,Wear a mask, social distance, avoid crowds

  10. JIMMY, your subscriber count only seems to go one way. Up! This is primarily a result of calling out the people on your own side! It's why I continue to watch JD! And ever since his tif with you, Kyle Kuslinski has been falling behind yourself!

  11. It’s entirely necessary to find out who’s behind all this deceit and erroneous information, and when you do, come clean with the information. The idiots have already bought up all the universities, network media, Hollywood, publishing houses, the internet. The next step is just admitting it.

  12. Heck I'm still wating to find out when a vaccine is only to minimize severity of a disease. When did the medical community sell out to change the definition first to take out requirement of a portion of the disease attempting to prevent and then finally that a vaccine just minimizes effects and not eradicate the disease. We never have had a vaccine for COVID really just a Tamaflu and self infection drug therapy

  13. Mean while Pfizer made billions of dollars. Some of it came from people who already had natural immunity, but were forced to take the shot anyway. If you look at Pfizer's past, you'll find many incidents where they have paid huge fines for shady dealings with problematic pharmaceuticals that Pfizer was pushing on the public.

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