Medical Organizations Want Us Arrested For Criticizing Them | Ep. 1034

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00:00 – Opening
01:58 – Medical Organizations Want Us Arrested For Criticizing Them
12:50 – High School Female Athletes Betrayed By Their School
25:28 – Candace Owens and Kanye West Reveal That The Left Hates White People
32:41 – An Organized Protest For Walsh’s College Speech Fails
40:21 – Professional Anglers Caught Cheating
41:48 – The Comments Section
48:53 – Gay Lawyer Couple In NYC Is Canceled

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Today on the Matt Walsh Show, major medical organizations call on the DOJ to arrest and imprison those of us who criticize their medical practices. Also, female athletes at a school in Vermont are banned from the locker room because they don’t want to get naked in front of a boy. Candace Owens and Kanye West stir up trouble by wearing shirts with a very controversial message: white lives matter. Leftist activists make their counter insurgency battle plans for my What Is A Woman screening tour. And in our Daily Cancellation, two gay men say they have a right to be biological parents. 

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Written by Matt Walsh


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  1. Hey Matt! Not sure if you gonna read this, but still, I want to write this…

    About the IVF, i don't find the practice immoral, in general. Let me share my personal experience. Me and my wife, we can't have a children, due to her medical condition. So we tried to go thru IVF – they combined her egg & my sperm, then we found a surrogate mother to carry our embryo. Unfortunately, the embryo didn't stick around, so we remain childless.

    Even tho all parties were in the process voluntary and the child would go into our loving traditional family, yet we would go "against the nature" according to your argument? ("renting" other woman womb, army of doctors, lawyers, etc.)

    I don't see anything wrong with our efforts. If you donate blood, if you donate an organ to your loved one.. Let's say it'd be my wife's sister who would carry the baby for us. Is it really that bad and immoral?

    Regarding the gay couples having children, that's for a long debate. I tend to be against IVF for same sex couples, there is no need to artificially bring a newborn to artificial family. But I wouldn't considering it moral issue either.

    There is a lot of children in need of new family. And there we should approach it with "compare to what?" argument. If the child could go into good "traditional" family, that's probably preferable. But if the child should remain in the foster home for his whole youth, I say give it to anybody who wants to take good care of the child. I'd rather have two daddies then no parents at all. (that variant is probably better for older children, who can make somehow inform decision)

    Now apply "compare to what?" argument to IVF for gays.
    Would you rather be born to same sex couple or not to be born at all?

  2. Hospitals and Pharma companies make so much money from these gender transitions that money it literally falling out of the sky since insurance companies are forced to pay for these operations thanks the Obama's Affordable Care Act. It's like $200K+ per patient

  3. These organizations were established by very wealthy, powerful people. They have a plan to depopulate the masses, as WE THE PEOPLE are the carbon they want to reduce. Make no mistake, friends, what we are seeing is the final battle between good and evil. Stand fast in your faith. God. Family. Country.

  4. Longwood Gardens, PA used to have standard bathrooms. since the issues of the trans men moving into ladies rooms. They built individual stalls at different rest room stations since the gardens are several acres, a mini village. So one rest room section has about 100 individual stalls. When a stall is empty a green light on the top flashes and next person goes in. When door closes the red light on top goes on. All line up into one line at the door and funnel in and each individual opens up for a stall. Each stall has toilet, urinal, sink, baby chaining table for moms with babies and small kids. This was a tremendous expense and the rates increases tremendously to accommodate this to prevent the trans men from going inside stalls of women. I as a woman felt safe as did the others. But this si the trouble that the insane trans issue has wrought upon good Christian society.

  5. My widow neighbor and I who was divorced (two straight women) went to see a chick flick film. To our surprise it was a woman cheating on her husband with another woman and the first scene showed them partially naked in bed. We were disgusted and wanted to leave but thought we would not get our money back. I went to the ticket guy and told him if he did not return my money he would have to call an ambulance as I was very ill from the film and then the police would be called and there would be bad publicity so he quickly returned my money. My neighbor came out and then I asked him to return hers too. She was a very shy hair dresser; I am a sales person/

  6. That was killer, Matt🤩 Good Luck at Catholic University. Just so you know, as a very happy fellow Catholic, I was ready to call them and give them a piece of my mind if they cancelled your talk. It would not have been pretty. Plus, then I would have to go to Confession because the eff word probably would have slipped out at least once. Plus, I have a Irish temper 😜

  7. To be fair, your argument that those gay guys’ claim that they have a right to parenthood means that they’re necessarily claiming the right to a woman’s body for surrogacy, regardless of whether she consents or not, doesn’t really work. Someone claiming that they have the right to have sex doesn’t necessarily mean that they are claiming the right to have sex with someone who doesn’t consent. Many people demand that their contraceptives be paid for by tax payers, but that’s a different demand, a demand that is slightly less ridiculous and morally offensive than claiming the right to have sex with someone who doesn’t consent. That being said, what those two are explicitly demanding is, I would agree, ridiculous.

  8. So many issues brought up in this episode saddens me as a woman and would sadden Jesus' heart who came and broke social and cultural norms and elevated women's status as to how He created her. A helpmate to man and equal to him in the sight of God.
    He sanctified marriage and talked of the innocence of children.
    What the world needs is to return back to God. This darkness and evil we see is because we have taken God out of our lives.
    Now people think it's ok to change His biological laws, to appropriate women, to infringe on innocent young girls, to defile the sanctity of marriage, to manufacture a family and to fracture the bonds of a child to his or her mother.
    This world needs to repent! Lord have mercy!

  9. i can say with certainty, that IF they decide to indict you or something for just telling the world the logistics of transgender treatments/surgeries these hospitals practice..
    They will be invoking the Streisand effect to a factor of a million..

  10. Damn matt, your really something man, i really admire you guys… People like you and Jp sears, i feel the same way though, and its hard to convey things to people in an articulate manner on the spot, to try and help stir certain people's awareness up a little bit, but yeah, As a wise man once said "I dont want no part of this new world yall are proposing, its really f**kin crazy scary man." -Dave Chapelle..

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