Medical standoff happening right now

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Written by Carl Vernon


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  1. Another argument against socialized medicine. The parents have the donors and the child needs the surgery. If the doctor says no then you shop for another doctor. This should never have been an issue and it should never have left the hospital. If for no other reason than basic sense. Don't expose a patient with heart issues requiring surgery to something that has, 'can cause heart damage', as a side effect. If the doctor says the risk is small ask them to put their license to practice medicine up against it.

  2. I wouldn’t want vaccinated blood myself… but especially for this 4 month old who’s health is compromised as it is.
    This bloody nonsense is getting worse!!!
    But the powers that shouldn’t be are really doing everything they can to not only take away our freedom… but to do us in; aren’t they
    Buggers 😡😡😡

  3. When you couldn’t participate in society because you weren’t jabbed, well that was perfectly acceptable, but when you demand clean blood for your child, well that just won’t do. How dare you discriminate against the blood with goop in it.

  4. There is a movement to remove Purebloods from organ donor lists. Get a new drivers license and take yourself off donating to these evil people. We are O neg and have stopped donating our vax free blood to the usual suspects. Their is a company called, “Safe Blood” looking to expand and take unvaccinated blood donors. Online you can find templates to make your own Advance Directives and Living Wills. Get them notarized. Use the FLCCA protocols as a guide on how you’d like to be treated. The FDA has cancelled the use of monoclonal antibodies and in Fresno CA a class action lawsuit has begun to stop the use of rem$dis$avir.
    I recall when the unvaccinated were being denied care across the nation, were being told we would not get treated, beds and people on the organ donor lists were being removed. Suddenly our blood and organs are good enough for all these people. NOPE! I will donate only to other Purebloods. Edit: find the Peak Prosperity Channel. Dr Chris Martinson just revealed: FOIA (Freedom of Information Act) has released all the redacted emails between Foulcie and all the higher ups on a massive coverup with the origins of covid. We all knew it and now we have the receipts. Global Genocide is what this is.

  5. We have no leaders. Only taskmasters for the real masters. And those weirdos only ever love themselves.
    Humanity has been at war with itself even before any of us today were born.

  6. The goverment are interfering way to much we know they aint got are best interest at heart if anything they hate us and are trying to repopulate because they think where climate change poison… goverment we know your plans and you will be held accountable sooner rather then later so stop now

  7. New Zealand government and doctors seem to be using far too much energy shutting this down. The parents have done all the work for the hospital to provide the ervice the patient wants. Do the operation as the parents desire, there should be zero debate over this.

  8. Yes it is a very big deal and the parents have every right to reject vax blood should they choose! Now there is a movement taking place not sure where? Where they will set up a blood bank for unvaxxed only. It is picking up speed.

  9. I would suggest, they take the child to another country where the medical society isn't so evil. If there is such a thing? medical societies around this world, have murdered millions of people perhaps billions. with only fines to be paid? over 800 million alone in north America in the past 50 years. when North america barely has 400 million people? definitely a very serious problem.

  10. That's the problem now because it should be noted they ask other questions when you give blood so they could label it but the medical profession won't because they don't think there is anything wrong I am not vaccinated and would not want blood from a vaccinated person if I had a choice

  11. I believe that in a few years, and if we haven’t completely destroyed our society, the “jab” related health issues will be realized and then it may be that blood from un-jabbed people will be the ONLY accepted source.

  12. F*ck the medical establishments worldwide, complicit in peddling their foul sh*t .
    F*ck every medical mouthpiece supporting this poisonous crap.
    Good on the parents for standing true.
    Our blood is the most precious thing, and people just don't understand.
    Jah bless , the non jabbed, pure bloods are the only genuine humans left.

  13. The family are right the vaccinated made a wrong decision and while the unvaccinated were getting vilified for not wanting an untested vaccine for the flu. Act in haste repent at leisure. I know people who got vaccinated so they could go on holiday just to be locked down in their hotels.

  14. This has been a major concern of mine.
    Until this entire generation dies out, a major percentage of the blood in the blood banks is going to be tainted by the V.
    I certainly don't want it in me or my family. We hope never to need that kind of surgery.
    Where is medical choice any more?

  15. They should have their choice respected – but as this comes up more, it is less likely to go the parents way with kids being made 'wards of court' and being forced to have clotjobbed blood. It is a fear of many pure bloods about needing hospital treatment – will they be forced to have the jab to 'qualify' for treatment (and not be 'passed over' in a queue) – Or, will they be given the jab covertly whilst under general anaesthetic ?? We have NO GUARANTEES as doctors LIE about this frequently just to get 'the job done'.

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