Meet Serco: Corporation Behind Illegal Migration

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Meet Serco: Corporation Behind Illegal Migration

Written by Mahyar Tousi

Political YouTuber | TalkRadio Contributor | Free Trade Brexiteer | Free Speech, Free Markets, Free People | Small Government | Atheist


  1. Dad's army should be implemented on the south coast again They were for real,, and I'm not talking about the TV program. They were called the Home guard and did a fine job in keeping watch whilst my father was fighting for what I thought was freedom.. My arse.

  2. It is Impossible for ONE company to be COMPETENT in so many diverse undertakings
    It is easy to pretend that every diverse task is being undertaken competently when selling to a client who is inexperienced (Politicians)
    Hence we have weak Government who can't deal with tasks such as returning illegal immigrants

  3. So, essentially, they are a government on their own!!!! Why then do countries have governments and councils? All the services offered by Serco are services which are the government's portfolio and function.

  4. When a company becomes so involved with the military and security? where are there loyalties, certainly not with the country involved. Serco are a national security risk holding the uk in an electronic vice and able to destroy the uk's military and Nhs. Who is at the top of this company, where is the transparency?

  5. Serco aren't to blame for homeless people, and of serco didn't do it somebody else would. If we're going to point fingers at any one try Priti pathetic Patel.

  6. Border Force and the civil servants behind them are incompetent or corrupt. All immigrant boats should be turned back mid channel and let the French deal with them.

  7. I remember some years ago serco petitioning the mod to supply guards at military basis on the main gates. So their idea was you take your highly trained armed service personnel from patrolling and manning the guard house etc… and we will give you a bunch of wets with an sia licence on nmw to guard against terrorist attack!

  8. SERCO are scum- those armed forces contracts? They're literally starving young servicemen and women, charging them inflated prices for piss poor victuals and sub standard accommodation! They enter ratings kitchens and bedrooms while the juniors are at work, vandalising cooking equipment, to force the lads and lassies to use their galley facilities. They've banned small businesses from trading on or near our barracks, some of which have served our sons and daughters for generations. They're putting pressure on base commanders to order juniors not to use off base fast food facilities.
    They're threatening soldiers, sailors, marines and airmen with disciplinary action if they have the audacity to buy a pizza or a burger!
    It's utterly reprehensible to treat our young servicepeople this way. It's putting their health and fitness at risk, degrading their operational efficiency.
    They're also a major factor in why the armed forces are hemorrhaging manpower. No-one likes getting taken for a mug and being forced to pay for being ripped off 24/7. Servicemen and women have no defence against these arseholes, so you can hardly blame them for just walking away…

  9. Serco is controlled by old money and elite contacts some within government. Mahyar If you really want to get close to the truth you should use the FOI freedom of information requests and by law they have to supply you the information .Be careful the old school move in mysterious ways.

  10. So the traitorous, alcoholic, coward, scumbag, Winston Churchill – who was a Zionist puppet (bought and paid for) – is not the only member of that family, that is happy to implement what has been dressed up as gift from the UN … to save the world, when in-fact, it is the Zionist's Agenda 2021 / 2030 – which intends to annihilate indiginous populations, so that their 'New World Order' can freely dictate everything! Or is it all just a coincidence that his grandson is the COE – i don't think so!

  11. Serco bringing illegals in, Capita putting them up in 4* hotel accommodation. Capita is also responsible for penalising disabled people by denying them benefits and yet once again they line their pockets at the publics expense. How many MPs are shareholders or receive brown envelopes from this company?