Meet The EX-CIA AGENTS Deciding Facebook’s MISINFORMATION Policy: Alan McLeod

Senior staff writer at Mintpress News, Alan MacLeod, breaks down an investigation he did into Facebook and ex-CIA hires.

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  1. FB just cant put any more effort into becoming obsolete.
    They are not hiring people that are good with research and information management. They are hiring people whose trade is misinformation, coverups and propaganda.

  2. The government is the biggest contributors to mass misinformation. The only censorship valid is the right of a person not to listen.

  3. CIA agents are in every important industry acting as head of divisions, on boards and lead regulatory agencies. Snowden showed this when he gave out the names. The past is a good indication of what the spooks are up to now.

  4. America has a government of no accountability. Waiting 3 years to vote again isn't accountability. We don't vote for the thousands of bureaucrats. Accountability is immediate repercussions for wrong doing.

  5. The odd part of this whole thing is it's mostly the left and Biden administration trying to control social media "misinformation", however military, CIA, & FBI types tend to be much more conservative than liberal. I'm surprised they are willing to align with the left to censor the right. But, I guess money talks so if FB pays them enough they will forget about their politics.

  6. Many people don't trust the government BECAUSE of the government and its track record. Citizens just spread wild (sometimes very accurate) ideas about the details of why it's happening.

  7. You people need to look up and define conspiracy. You're using the word wrong. Interestingly the CIA made the phrase conspiracy theory up and look at you people eat it up. Clowns.

  8. The reason why they are hired is because they have a mental understanding of social structural dynamics that are beneficial for the algorithms of the social media platforms because they provide insight on mass psychology.

  9. We just need to know that cia agents are working in these companies and stop investing in them and trusting their propaganda. They feel the reins loosening and are scared.

  10. Twitter is a Communist corporation run by the CIA a frontmen of the CFR – Council on Foreign Relations! Let's not forget that "communism" is not a ideology but a secret word!

  11. Batya Ungar-Sargon I love your empathic view of the world. I love that you’re able to express through your heart. You’re setting a fantastic example of how to deliver the news from a natural loving human perspective that most have pushed aside, perhaps to appear tougher and “more professional.” I just wanted to say that you’re original, fresh, and an excellent example of how to deliver heart felt news while even wading through the most horrific situations ♥️

  12. Facebook, via Zuckerberg, is politically biased and bought and paid for. So the issue of controlling “misinformation”, though it sounds like it is to everyone’s benefit, is actually to control narratives so that only the narratives that suit certain political agendas are the ones seen and allowed, where anything that goes against that narrative, EVEN IF TRUE AND FROM A LEGITIMATE AND RELIABLE SOURCE, is accused of being “misinformation” and “fact-checked” with equally biased propaganda sources. This is nothing but the control of information and narratives to suit particular agendas.

  13. Facebook and the other censoring social media platforms will soon be DEAD. It is already happening. New platforms, that allow for the free exchange of ideas, are where the masses are choosing to congregate. Their censorship will be their demise. I have been put in FB jail numerous times for the crime of sharing science and data on COVID. Two FB groups with a lot of geeks that enjoyed dissecting the science and discussing the politics around COVID we're both suddenly deleted. As a result, I and many others have left FB permanently. Governments involvement with social media companies to suppress speech is clearly unconstitutional and will inevitably be heard by our Supreme Court. We will learn exactly what these unconstitutional entanglements aim to do. Let us hope that this right leaning court will indeed stand up for constitutional rights in what has become the new public square- social media.

  14. Can someone please explain to the hosts that when they’re not talking that they shouldn’t be tapping on the keys. They’re miked up and we can hear the tapping.

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