Mehdi Hasan’s BOGUS “Fact Check” Of Matt Taibbi’s Twitter Files Debunked!

MSNBC host Mehdi Hasan invited journalist Matt Taibbi on his show to discuss the recent Twitter Files revelations about government intervention pressuring the social media company to censor speech on the platform. Unfortunately, Hasan took the opportunity to nitpick minor inaccuracies and repeatedly interrupt rather than discuss the substance of what the Twitter Files exposed.

Jimmy and Americans’ Comedian Kurt Metzger discuss Mehdi Hasan’s career as an establishment narrative enforcer.

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  1. Thing is, Taiibi got absolutely owned in that interview. That's what happens when you debate in an echo chamber. When you play away, you get spanked. It's a Shame, I like Taiibi a lot, but man got spanked.

  2. Mehdi Hasan performed what's called a Gish gallop. He basically rattled off so many lies and misleading claims in such a short amount of time that Matt Taibbi couldn't possibly respond to all of them. Ironically, the wiki article on the Gish gallop mentions Mehdi Hasan by name

  3. Disappointed to see Mehdi Hasan take a stance against journalists pursuing truth and justice. I admired his work on Head to Head, didn't anticipate he'd compromise in working for MSM.

  4. Don't take it from Dore people, please. Watch the entire discussion, it's 25 minutes long. Even Matt's bigger admirers are calling him out now. Dore is a grifter who makes his money by selling us fear. Watch the interview for yourself and make up your mind.

  5. The Trump indictment is not about winning a legal case, as is shown by how ridiculous the 34 ‘charges’ are. It is actually all about tying Trump up in court dates, so that he is unable to get the momentum of his rallies. He can’t hold rallies….he’ll be in court. That was always the Dems plan.

  6. If you have an IQ over 2 digits and watch MSNBC for anything other than research (on the media-industrial complex) purposes, you should seriously question your life choices and critical thinking abilities.

  7. Matt is still very naive. There is no point in addressing establishment hacks and hit men like Mehdi Hassan in good faith. Their very effective method is to smear you and put you on the defensive, and Matt falls for it all the time. He spends all his time on Twitter defending himself to liberals, which is pointless and frustrating. The proper response to these people is to ignore them or mock them.

  8. Matt needed to fight back. I’m tired of our side looking weak and afraid to engage when we are bad faith attacked. I’m done with the self tone-policing, and this “taking the high road” BS because we are afraid we will be made out to look impolite and uncivil in debates. They are always going to make us look like the bad guys so why not push back anyways?

  9. I still think Taibbi was super unprepared. He originally tweeted at Mehdi to talk about the Modi issue and asked him for an invite to the show. Mehdi invited him and brought the topic up, and yet Taibbi knew nothing about the topic and quickly ran away from it. Pathetic showing from Taibbi.

  10. Taibbi got rekt. It's that simple. You have to be a partisan clown to defend the richest guy on the planet. Who is more establishment, the richest guy in the world or some left leaning guy on some show that gets way less views than Tucker?

  11. You are deluded. Mehdi destroyed Matt and everyone w/ eyeballs and ears knows that. What did Matt say when he was asked why he posted links to revenge porn pics of Hunter but did not post the tweets deleted at the request of the actual GD president? Why huh? Because Matt is Musk's puppet

  12. IDK what interview you all saw but the one I saw Taibbi thoroughly got his ass handed to him on a mainstream media platter.

    Taibbi couldn’t even answer the video of him stating, “if you get your stories handed to you, you lost.”

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