Melania Tape Shows How Ugly & Mean-Spirited The Culture Has Become, The Guilt By Association Is REAL

Tim, Ian, Lydia, and guest Andrew of Don’t Walk, RUN! Productions (@DontWalkRun on Twitter) discuss how petty and mean the world is toward anyone associated with Donald Trump: The guilt by association and projection are real – and neither are in good faith.

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Written by Timcast IRL


  1. Hey trumps the one that decided to run for president. She’s gotten a big bonus for being First Lady. She doesn’t have to sleep in the same room with a creep so she’s OK. Personally I think it’s great to find out how the first lady really feels about people and Christmas I don’t remember anybody having a shortage of things to say about Hillary Clinton or Michelle Obama The way people talked about Michelle Obama was unbelievable. If people bring up Melania’s sordid past so what? Just don’t try to say she’s classy any more.

  2. 21:07 the supposed rule about multi accounts is BS. I was one of the people who mass hashtagged BTS for their first BBMA nomination and we were encouraged to set up multiple anon accounts for voting.
    It was so fun but it was a virtual bloodbath.

    We are creatures of own minds, with that said, this political reality of lies and deceit from both sides of the aisle has been staged for us. It has become more and more difficult now to navigate our political landscape of all the seabird guano fertilizer. The mentality of indifference from our politicians has been designed to control and dominate the collective consciousness of the masses. THELOVINGTRUTH is that trusting human authority and like a child, believing all their words…most humans seek guidance by human leaders whom they feel know more than they do. There are enormous differences in individual understanding and spiritual maturity in this world. Of course, there’s no guarantee at all that the‘truths revealed by inner seeking and reflection are any truer than those told to us by a priest, president, school principal, or media reporter. In the end, our knowing of truth depends on our own spiritual maturity in loving light. There’s an unspoken fact, however, beneath the process of truth-seeking and endless disagreements as to what’s real and what isn’t. This is fact that there are levels of understanding, and varying degrees of human intelligence and capacity for logical thought. ‘Seek and you will find’ is absolutely true, but what we find depends on the mental strength of the seeker, the relative power of seeking, and the purity of desire to find truth regardless of personal emotion and bias. Because of pre-existing notions and differences in the desire to discover truth, a single teaching leads people to very different conclusions. Likewise, human leaders beloved to their followers may be seen as totally negative by others – and who is right,and who knows which view is true? This is called “subjective knowing,” the foundation of all spiritual awakening. Thus, trusting our capacity to know truth without proof is the root of seeking wisdom. That known as the subjective knowing without proof is, in some degree, a poor friend for there will be anomalies no matter how much information is garnered due to the distortions which form from a human mind. And thus, “subjective knowing without proof is… a poor friend,” whom we can’t always trust due to human mind limitations and personal bias. Unconditional acceptance of “that which is at the moment” is more reliable and stable, and “the finding of love within that moment” offers a greater freedom than depending wholly on the intellect. No doubt, it’s nearly impossible to know anything fully with a human mind, and opening heart to love and unconditional acceptance is often the only way to make peace with painful experience. Nevertheless, living unconditional acceptance isn’t the end of personal evolution. Just loving the moment is insufficient for making certain decisions, particularly those needing discernment and careful thought. Just “feeling good” isn’t always enough to decide what’s best for us. Children may feel good eating candy all day long, until they get sick and nauseous. Others may feel good in a cult or new age group, until they realize the leader is negative and self-serving. Citizens may feel good their candidate was elected president, until they realize he’s a liar. While I totally support trial-and-error learning, having wisdom and clear mind at the start saves a lot of headache and heartache later on. And so, although subjective knowing is often unstable, absolute truth is quite available. The strength of inner light(soul awareness) depends on the strength of our seeking that light – and it’s the same with truth. The strength and durability of inner knowing and clear awareness of truth, depends on the intensity of our longing for truth. What you love you shall experience, and that for which you deeply long you will become. If you think you have a weak mind and are a very confused person, please don’t worry – mind can change, awareness can grow, and truth can be known for yourself more and more. Deep understanding is not natural to the human mind, but understanding will grow by continued seeking. Dearly loving truth is nothing less than dearly loving God, Creator/Creation as-it-is.

    I wish you peace, clarity and faith–love love, love truth, and all shall be well.

    From The Publishing of Scott Mandelker PHD

  4. like does the left not even notice their blatant hypocrisy or have they just gone that insane with TDS? the left are the ones saying we shouldn't say merry christmas cus its racist and exclusionary to people that don't celebrate christmas yet when the first lady doesn't want to decorate the whitehouse for christmas they get mad…. like based of their rhetoric toward christmas wouldn't they have been happy about that?

  5. YouTube said they would ban the channels of anyone who released or discussed hacked or stolen material that could be used to influence elections. Yet…I notice the CNN channel is still up.

  6. He’s right. Your wrong Tim. If Biden wins and they keep the house. Wealth tax Dude. People think it’s a tax on the wealthy lol. Nope it’s a tax on everything u own and bought. Your house. Your tv. Your motorcycle. Your car. Your electronics. Your furniture. Your appliances. Your clothes. Your jewelry. Everything worth anything will get taxed again. The constitution says you can not pay double and triple tax on things you already paid taxes on. They will pack the courts and push this through. They will then make all illegals citizens or amnesty. No Republican will ever win the presidency again. So they won’t be able to pack the courts or reduce it back to 9 justices. We started with 6 justices in 1776. Then went to 10 during the civil war. Then back to 9 in 1869.

    Critical race theory will be taught in school. In the military. At West Point. In every government department. They will revoke the civil rights bill so they can be racist against whites and Asians.

    They will tear down the monuments.

    Annex Puerto Rico and DC as new states. Getting 4 more democrat senators.

    Dude you better wake up.

  7. Scott Adams saying Trump lost his vote after the debate just shows he's totally bankrupt as far as substance. And that he's just another rich elitist. He won't be affected if Trump or Biden is in office. He's too far detached from the common man in his Ivory tower. He could care less if Biden gets in and opens up the borders driving wages down and Biden cripples the economy with another lockdown or the destruction of the energy sector.

  8. Kendrick Lamar (the rapper) won the Pulitzer Prize. I think he deserved it. He is a great lyricist and his compositions are sophisticated. Also, he is thoughtful, fair, and reasonable in his contribution to hip hop.

  9. The left is basically the Coo Clucks Clan. Not calling them racists, but essentially a bunch of crazy chickens that run in a flock and freak out when anything happens with them clucking wildly.

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