Melbourne Cup Day Protest Highlights – 02.11.21

A group of Victorians peacefully marched to the gates of Flemington Racecourse in Melbourne to raise awareness of the Andrews governments discriminatory vaccinated economy on Melbourne Cup Day.

Inside the gated walls, there were up to 10,000 fully vaccinated people, comprising of racing staff, sponsors, celebrities, media and members of the general public taking part in the trial of vaccine passports.

The protest also focused on the proposed permanent pandemic legislation with many signs reading #killthebill.

Full livestream available at:

Written by Real Rukshan


  1. Why is is that the police seem to be an ominous presence? Here in the UK they are more low key and certainly less threatening . Australia must change this

  2. Watching from Zimbabwe. That heavy police presence looks a lot like my Zimbabwe, an authoritarian police/military state. Australians rise up and stop tyranny before its too late. You don't want to join the ranks of Zimbabwe.

  3. The vaccine passport makes the restrictions permanent by creating the infrastructure for them. An infrastructure is a way to systematize sporadic things. Infrastructure costs, so it's never created for a short period of time, it wouldn't pay off, no one would do it. The existence of the health passport says we are in it for a long time.

  4. Fantastic, but based on what I’ve been told from people who live there, only a small percentage agree with you and the rest are still suffering Stockholm Syndrome and want restrictions to continue….

  5. You would people don't forget the way they have been treated by police , unelected bureaucrats and the parasites in government and vote accordingly at the next elections both state and federal.

  6. Unfortunately, Melbourne has been listed as a "pioneer smart grid city" along with 36 other cities around the world, by the WEF and others who set up a commitee to promote smart grid cities around the same time as the Event 201 pandemic "simulation".
    Real time experiment of implementing the Chinese social credit system, which globalists seek to impose everywhere.

    Have to wonder if the complete lack of humanity, constant beatings and faceless mask wearing by law enforcement is either directly training a i (i.e. Boston Dynamics type robotics) and/or desensitising the masses into accepting skull cracking robots and/ cop humans on the streets as the new normal.
    I hate to quote CIA Hollywood, but the movie Elysium was fairly accurate of a vision of how robotic cops would 'behave'

    Since the very start of Covert 19 the loony greens and tech lefties have been promoting "smart grid cities" and "city farming" while systematically trying to tear down agriculture and farming in the wild, citing " bushfires" behind their reasoning.
    Can't even talk about self sufficiency, I got blocked off YouTube for telling people to get more sunlight and orange juice and zinc in their diet!

    As of today there is something like a sixfold increase in famine conditions and global food and supply shortages due to "pandemic"
    Gates of hell buys up majority of private farmland in USA for genetic crops, vac cines in Lettuce ffs!

    By now, it is pretty clear what all these sold out Muppets are up to, they are so smug with their perceived surveillance capatilism superiority,
    which is why they laugh at press conferences while talking about how much we are not "allowed" to do. Says it all.
    Sorry, probably rambling, bring on December elections!
    If they rig or block that, oh well it's probably gonna be planet of the apes part 5 full chimp style. ✌️ Out

  7. This is the state of UK parliament and the laws they create against the people for the elite cooperations. The government is corrupt, politicians are all corrupt sold there soul to the elite 😈 cooperations for election campaign funding. the people need to bring the army into Parliament to clean the filth, else embrace facism people. UK is with the people of Oz hand ✋ in ✋

  8. It is too late the vaxxed are exhibiting strange behaviour. They can not hear truth. Some high technology is giving their hive mind. Whether this is tech or spirit spells or both or something altogether different, there is a way by which they are turned into being even more compliant and pushing the agenda. So hence, I say, it is too late. There’s no one left of a large enough proportion to convince, for you can not covert the jabbed. They’ve already turned

  9. Wow…RR…Yours is the FIRST (Real) news I have seen about this protest!
    That the Mainstream totally ignore this protest infuriates me. Thank you for standing tall!

  10. I've just found out there are people in my work who have been severely damaged. One of them yesterday could hardly breath, gasping for breath. They are on their 3rd lot of poison. Also have you all seen Boris Johnson saying..we know having the poison doesn't stop you getting it or spreading it, so come on people and get it. How absolutely mad is that

  11. So what have learned about the Melbourne – Victorian protests?
    If the Police don't start the violence, they are peaceful as intended.
    It won't be too long when they too are told they and their families need boosters in the coming months to keep their jobs. I wonder how many boosters will the Police line up for, including their own family members and kids?

  12. It's funny after 80% double dose people have the freedom to protest thought this was a police state without any freedoms I'll have to move somewhere else where my freedoms are trampled on