Melbourne Cup Protest, 2021

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They didn’t arrest 400 people on Cup Day this year, as happened last year in front of Parliament House. In 2020, most were arrested for gathering in a group of more than 10. However, the crowd was forced to go into a group of 400 after Victoria Police kettled them into a tight group.

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Written by True Arrow


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  1. Do any of you know that it’s been the medical specialists and scientists that have been leading this fight against Covid 19 because they have advised the politicians all the way but you never seem to mention them.
    Something had to be done and quickly so the virus didn’t kill more or leave people debilitated, that would be irresponsible on many levels, for families and terrible for hospital staff.
    Your always going on about fighting for freedom yet the majority have done the fighting by getting vaccinated while you lot run around scared and constantly putting down what has been helpful.
    no one owes you anything no matter how loud you get.

  2. Wtf . Lockdowns over why is the cop filming the protesters. Perhaps for when dickhead Dan's bill gets pushed through the cops know who to arrest and put in re-education centres. FU vicpol FU to the moon.

  3. Fast asleep Australia. Just watch the faces in 24 months as their new system shows it's true colours. It'll be a Comedy of tragic proportion. There's nobody at this March. What a desperate failure.

  4. Freedom is never free

    Vote United Australia Party
    Labor and Greens is Daniel Andrews
    Aka Dictator Dan
    LNP can't be trusted to stand against them

    I say give a party that yearns to prove themselves a go who are dead set against all this crap in Victoria


    try them, make them, listen and demand they forfill their promises

    And if they fail, never vote for them again

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