Melbourne Doctors Prescribe Truth Pills

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Filmed 27.08.22 in Melbourne.



Written by True Arrow


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  1. Never forget that they created this and never forget that the thing they created when it was making your love one's sick. When it was making your loved ones die and suggested the wrong treatment or no treatment

  2. Never forget that they said this was a solution this is going to give herd immunity. This is going to solve the entire problem. Now what are they saying, we knew it wasn't going to work.

  3. Never forget that your lost your job for refusing to take something that they knew wasn't going to work. Even worse you took something that they knew wasn't going to work just to keep your job. At best you're going to get the thing it was supposed to prevent. And at worst you are going to get serious side effects.

  4. Oh nothing is going to happen to these people. Nothing's going to happen if we continue to keep our head in the sand, if we allow them to distract us, if we allow them to make us forget.

  5. What a day. An awesome unforgettable day at that Sam.🐕‍🦺🔥🥁🙌❤
    It was just so wonderful to be surrounded by like minded and freedom loving people.
    Nala wore me out, but I will be there again to be amongst such beautiful spirited people very soon.
    Thanks for being our special friend Sam. ❤🐾🐾❤

  6. Whilst the cabal controls both the dark and the false light of all facets of our society this message will remain in obscurity…. all the zombies with their phones standing on the pavements watching in disdain will continue to ignore and forcibly resist examining themselves, along with the authorities assembling their militarised police forces and passing their draconian corporate legislations will aid and abet the control processes being foisted upon us all.

  7. people need to break their false beliefs that govts are acting in our best interest, never in history have the ones forcing compliance on people been the good guys!!!!!!

  8. in my small town the doctor replies to questions about vax with “this bit of paper is white, but i have been told to tell you it’s black or will lose my job”!!!

  9. This week the US Supreme Court ruled that the damage cuased by the Covid mRNA gene therapies is irreparable.

    The case was bought before the courts by Robert F Kennedy Jrn against pharmaceutical lobbyists.

    All appeals have now been exhausted and the Nuremburg Code is now valid.

    Zero coverage in MSM too.

  10. My whole family got vaxxed….
    I get it… I will NOT be enemies with them at ALL..
    I love them where theyre at..
    Saddly. My 34 yr old took 4 pricks in body…
    Hi wife is having baby..
    I HOPE & PRAY in Jesus Christs name.. Baby is BORN %100 HEALTHY !!!!.
    Im only one NOT pricked !!!!.
    I too lost ALL WORK..
    I still will NOT BEND at all !!!.
    My Grankids are NOT pricked..the MOTHER will NOT ALLOW her kids to be PRICKED ar all…
    Everyone has to work. Put food on table…
    Pay bills etcetc…
    My 34 yr old believes ive been GASLIGHTED !!!!!.
    He tried to COERCE mw to get pricked.. I said NO firmly politely..
    He walked out of my Home..WHY ????
    34 yr old said the PRICK can save yr life mum…
    Im still ALIVE , but saddened by ALL the LIES from this DISGUSTING GOVERNMENTSSSSS !!!!!.
    Im in my 60s….ive ALWAYS ENJOYED **TRUTH**, no matter how hurtful truth can be…
    As my daughter said,** mum, 34 yr old son is a PROGRAMMER , so his PROGRAMMED !!!!**..
    May God Almighty in Jesus Christs name , show you ALL what to do… PEACE is the way…
    Keep pushing ( XYT , old… Hebrew. Jesus Christ gave me this word..2 yrs back. Never heard of it. I researched. It means to PUSH THROUGH. BUTT HEADS).may the Mercy & Grace of God Almighty keep being with you
    Fight the Good fight.Amen.

  11. My adult kids Dad took PRICKS…..he was dead against this…
    He was TERRIFIED..
    I PRAYED on him..b4 he got PRICKS…
    Eventually, his body got rid of this crap, graphene oxide is main bad ingriedient….
    BLACK GOOOO came out of his body !!!!!
    He has felt 100% to what he was…..
    Ive seen videos, in funeral parlours, the Embalmers have been finding quite LARGE METAL CRAP in ppls viens !!!!!.
    I HOPE other ppl might find these videos too…
    Certain parts in America , the amount of babies & children dying is beyond belief….
    Funeral parlours now have to put in TENDERS for Funerals for the Little Ones..
    These INSANE Governmentssss of NAZISM , have been absolutely COMPROMISED by the NWOs. WEF…UN…
    EU etcetc WHY ????
    Cause they have the informationssss TRUTH what these NAZI GOVERNMENTSSSS have done around the world..
    That exactly the same as Dirty Joe & Hunter BIDEN. & others…
    This Earth are controlled by NAZIs EVIL….
    If u not know, please reasearch ASAP…
    30,000 NAZIs were saved at end of WW2, including Adolf Hitler…
    Many Nazi's were put into UKRAINE….
    Theyve been child trafficking…etcetc…
    Listen to PATRICK LANCASTER, his boots on ground over there.
    Putin's army are trying to get rid of evil nazis…
    Hopefully soon , the Head if the SNAKE will be cut in Ukraine…. Then we all will see a turn around on Earth. & in Australia. Amen.
    Much LOVE to ALL you Aussies.Amen😇😇😇

  12. My neighbour a brain surgeon is leaving the profession as he's noticed the massive increase with each and every rollout. Adults, then 11- 18, then again 5 – 11. He said he can't stay to watch the 6mth – 5 year rollout. Its heartbreaking

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