Melbourne Freedom Protest Highlights – 18.09.21

Victoria Police ignored multiple pleas by Victorians to allow their peaceful protest against the Andrews government and lockdowns to continue without violence. People marching through Richmond were corralled and kettled by police throughout the day, setting the stage for tense confrontations and violent arrests.

Police had originally planned for a major protest within the CBD, and as per the request of CCP Shane Patton, the Andrews government agreed to shutdown all public transport and create a ring of police-checks around the city. Protesters however thwarted these plans by moving the location of the protest to Richmond instead, therefore catching the police off guard.

This video edit highlights some of the contrasting moments of the day.

A full live feed of unedited footage of my report is available at the following link:

Part 1:
Part 2:
Part 3:

Written by Real Rukshan


  1. You do realise most of the police have the physical strength of a 9 year old girl.
    They have over stepped there mark. These guys will do anything for money!
    Time to teach the politicians and the police that we are the true power! There will be consequences for these tyrants in the future.

  2. Every cop standing against the people who want their businesses back, who want to earn a living, who want to make their own choices – you are not Australian. Look ahead to where this might go if it isn’t stopped. People want their freedom. A bit absurd while watching to football in a packed stadium in Perth. Looks like a good place to live….

  3. This is how easy it is for some ruthless politicians to impose a police state!

    Dystopian Dictator Dan!, Hiding in the background.

    China backed, Australian Police State

    remove Dictator Dan! He is a rogue politician!

    Disobedience Safeguards Freedom and Prevents Tyranny O.O

    They fall apart when you fight back UNITED!

  4. Maggot protesters: here's a newsflash for you, and its gonna blow your minds: EVERYONE is tired of the lockdowns, not just you. EVERYONE is fed up with restrictions, not just you. EVERYONE has been impacted, not just you. EVERYONE has lost business and income, not just you. EVERYONE is angry, not just you. The difference is the REST of us are doing our bit to #stopthespread. In other words, the rest of us are doing our bit to keep everyone healthy – including you AND your loved ones. YOU'RE WELCOME. All this is is selfish, ignorant and entitled individuals believing that punching on with cops somehow ends this crisis. Every one of these peasants who showed up to protest should be stripped of their medicare IMMEDIATELY, then stripped of their Aus passports and their children. They're not Australians.

  5. If you look at the footage again. The first police person to move forward from the police line & break the leash of self control wasn't in any danger at all . He moved forward because he wanted to bite someone who was not going to be capable of injuring him.
    He began the move and is the one who went forward spraying pepper spray.His fellow officers followed his lead.

    IMO this looks like the same guy who pepper sprayed the lady in the face after she was pushed to the ground in other footage. He is a demon controlled fire starter or maybe a politicians paid dog to make a peaceful protest turn into an opportunity to dismiss the protesters on regular media as out of control to keep the agenda running that it is stupid, selfish out of control violent people who protest.