MELBOURNE Freedom Rally 27th Nov 2021 Hyperlapse

Again, it took almost an hour for the entire protest to walk past whilst recording.

Obviously a range of people here, but the vast majority seemed to be out for; freedom of choice, end of medical segregation, anti-vaccine mandate, anti-Pandemic Bill, anti-lockdown, anti-Daniel Andrews. Essentially people want to be left alone and live their lives.

The copium from Government and most of the legacy media outlets in Australia is that these are anti-vax, racist, extremists and there’s only a few hundred of them, but there’s much more diversity here than at the recent counter protest..


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  1. ABC = only a few Thausands – ha-ha-ha !!!! Millions and Millions are Marching in Freedom Marches and Rallies ! We here in QLD Australia Support all our Brothers and Sisters – Bravo and well done !!!! Footnote = They are Not Protesters = they are Freedom Fighters !!!!!

  2. AWSUM we have to fight for our freedom of choice . the media say 10k people who are they fooling . most of the country by the looks .the world for that . mainstream media and government are bought by big pharma koch stephenovic etc i dont know anyone that has had covid but i know a lot personaly that have had bad adverse effects to jab . not good now double vaxxed are spreading it everywhere ??? wake up australia fight for your right to freedom , MARCH1 MARCH ALL

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