Melbourne Freedom Rally – Australia’s STAND for democracy.

It is estimated that hundreds of thousands of people joined in unity to protest the new health bill. So why are so many Australians coming together to protest for democracy and freedom? This video captures interviews directly from the protest to educate others on why these protests are so important for all of our future.

At the end of the video, thousands of Australians come together to sing the national anthem.

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  1. God bless the freedom fighters. Blessed are the peace makers for they shall inherit the earth.

  2. The reason this "scariant" was just released in a coordinated media fear campaign, of course, is because humanity is waking up and learning to resist covid tyranny. So the globalists are doubling down on their attacks against humanity, defrosting more bioweapons from Fauci's freezer collection while pounding the psyche of the population with relentless media fear campaigns.
    The good news in all this? If you have natural immunity against covid, you're naturally immune to all the variants, too.
    But the oblivious masses who already took the early covid jabs have destroyed much of their immune function, meaning they are now extremely vulnerable to any new real variant that might emerge, assuming they really exist at all.
    Notice, too, how convenient the timing is with all this, where the media now has an excuse for why so many vaccinated people are dying and have compromised immune systems. It's the variant's fault! Bottom line? If you comply, you die. Do not comply.

  3. Before you talk daniel andrews and your bastard mates like your cho officer why don't you look at what people are saying but no and as for the greens what a waste of tax payers money and as for the rest of our governments what disgrace

  4. Why doesn't main stream media show this I will never trust them anymore ever what are channel 7&9&10 & as for the abc what is the government subsidising them for they don't tell the truth if daniel andrews government can control the main stream media what hope do the people have

  5. Beautifully done. So proud of all you Aussies and other country supporters that have come together to share truth and freedom for all. This bill does not just affect Australia, but all countries. So keep speaking up, Aussies!! The World here's you.

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