Melbourne health system set to collapse after thousands of nurses and doctors walk out due to vaccine mandate.

The Victorian Government Dictatorship led by Dan Andrews:

✅ Longest and strictest lockdown on the PLANET, but the highest number of cases and deaths in Australia

✅ Sack “hero” healthcare workers who worked unvaxed in middle of pandemic

✅ Ban ivermectin by fining docs who prescribe it up to $30,000

✅ Ban MPs from parliament who oppose their authoritarian tyranny

✅ $5,000 fines for going outside for more than 1hr, or beyond a 5km radium from your home

✅ Kill small businesses across the state

✅ No attending funerals, saying goodbye to dying loved ones

✅ Elective and non-emergency surgery completely halted…. undiagnosed cancer and disease

✅ Widespread depression and suicide

✅ No free speech

✅ No freedom of movement

✅ Using big tech for surveillance, enforced by violent police and army

✅ Unelected health czars have seemingly unlimited emergency powers – no public representation at all

✅ No bodily autonomy – government can use every method of coercion to force you to take an experimental vaccine – you have no right to keep your medical info private, and no recourse if you have bad side effects. And no consideration for pregnant women, immuno-compromised or any other reason one might not want to get the vaccine.

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