Melbourne LIVE, Kill The Bill, Nov 27

Grandparents, aunts, uncles, mums, dads, their children, babies and dogs all flow through Melbourne streets to sing, dance and chant for their “freedom”

Written by Nunya Bizness


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  1. The sacrifices these people are making are massive. My favourite sign that I saw was 'We will fight for you until you wake up'. Smart, Strong, Brave, Loving souls working to restore sanity, productivity & the ability for all of us to pursue happiness doing cool stuff to earn our place in a world that keeps getting better (not worse!!!). The government are not at all in the right or 'cool'. 

    This is pretty hard for most of the people that want to experience 'proper' government that is not corrupt, genocidal, imperialistic or treasonous to common reality we had built on all the struggles, hard work & sacrifices of the past. People died at Gallipoli…people have 'defended' democracy from here, around the world…for what? To end up like 'China', & happily doing essential trade with a country like that, full of human rights abuses that our current government is getting way too many ideas from.

  2. These people have put there lives on line to film corruption we know cop mad few bad seeds we seen the setup and hidden bashing by cops to these filters every one watch there backs film everything filming in public is not illegal but the corrupt hate it there crimes now exposed now there lives freedom are in imminent danger please help protect them watch there backs corrupt coming for all whom step on toes we already seen cop setups and bashing on few people not all cops bad the criminals will spend rest lives in jail they will suffer this our country criminals no longer welcome they are evicted protect them it for greater good they put them selves in harms way we know police bad ones carry guns one day they will use them set you up hold line ausy international help is coming bad gov are evicted no one is imuned from there crimes will be hunted to end of earth they will pay for lives and murders they done stay safe stay calm but be very very aware of your surroundings at all times film everything we are achieving one massive goal we got criminals on film no violence we better than them help is coming they have no idea what it is these criminals not living in this country no more I read and seen what's coming we are Australian we are proud firm quiet people we must not let them push us into violence or damages do not loot or crime anything if they bomb or kill just one person this be extermination but not from ausy people hold line don't do violence soon all this ends

  3. This isn't about controlling a virus, it's about controlling you…

    In Revelation 18:23…
    it says that the nations are DECEIVED by "Pharmakeia"

    “And the light of a candle shall shine no more at all in thee; and the voice of the bridegroom and of the bride shall be heard no more at all in thee: for thy merchants were the great men of the earth; for by thy Pharmakeia were all nations deceived”

    “SORCERY” in the STRONG’s Concordence, in Greek, is the word “pharmakeia”

    The voice of the bridegroom shall be heard no more at all in thee, it says.

    This passage is saying that because of PHARMAKEIA (where we derive the English word for Pharmacy/pharmaceutical drugs), the voice of the Holy Spirit shall no longer be in people.

    Vaccines are toxic drugs that are being injected to us, in a more direct way than pills that we swallow. According to the Bible, both are the cause of people being deceived.

  4. Don't be too dismissive about a war starting China ordering our gov to do this from threat nuke war that's only explanation that make gov do this our gov sold us out for global trade and greed and threat from supper powers on globe China has enough ground troops to insure all lands and win that war our gov allowing China piosen to murder us this is g9v orders global mass murder they say we all useless eaters this is war and covid is there weapon desease failed and didn't work now they use vaccine that's piosen not cure this is murder there is plenty evidence that support covid as mass murder kill off don't believe us take there piosen you be dead in weeks on globe vacinated dropping dead prepair for bombing 9f all our cities now g9v going to kill us blame us then coverup mess they created they killing us from threat of nuke war from China why you ask simple only option China owns aust and China wants all dead that not slaves or honest aust been hit by Japan no reason to assume won't happen again now Japan wants to arrest and shoot dead all corrupt they learnt truths we while we wait help to arrive the corrupt going to run and hide they will be found and they will,pay get ready for all of assault in your homes they will attack everyone so we outnumbered they will come knock when open door your dead they training for it now if run trying to shoot you push car of road and kill you they coming after all unvacinated call doctors get to destroy all records do it now health dep stealing records the hunt begins your lives are in danger they will come to door they will kill you whole family call it a pandemic because your not jabed ausy please you seen the current events we know the outcome get ready to defend your lives if we had real pandemic we be seeing mass protesters dead from desease well we all know now the lies 3 spoked now comes forced vaccinations if resistbthe orders are to kill you they say your desease and useless eater get ready for door to door kill of board up windows fortify homes or get hell out all cities all this seems so so real or like watching movie well it now all very very real they won't attack you at protest they coming to door where you be outnumbered and over powered safety in numbers they say fortfy home criminals coming to murder us

  5. Everyone board up windows stock up water and food all shops closing fuel going to restricted to vacinated only then we have civil war I believe this agenda 2 weeks away prep now anyone paying attention KFC store closing a cross country lot other stores doing same moving stuff fast what so quick 2 weeks we have civil war people don't let violence be gov excuse to bomb our cities this exactly what they want us to do they used cops to incite violent response and they even attacked to get one if you use violence you provoke a war if they come shooting defend your selves to end of earth there is nomdesease no reason for all covid to exists never was but gov taking orders by China with thereat nuke war to put all this in motion it only thing that makes all these actions viable China is threatening us with nuke war the ordersvare to pios9n 7s all China coming for aust if let them murder you with man made virus jab we can't defend countrynfrom criminal gov or Chinese they are coming but want us either dead or complient this our country China not getting it prep for war door killers will come soon don't open door defend your lives it your right to fight to death if your lives in dangerit called self defence and it legal if use equal means of force

  6. China but not confirmed is going to solomon islands to detain or kill adf and police marine radio intercept was posted on line I seen it gov just sent our good people to there deaths we hope this info is wrong but it was clear they war ships that was very clear in recording its been deleted as asual gov trying to hide bs again when will gov learn can't cut of all communications I hope they safe this is fact those island China runs and owns and have full control,of and is and has been used as war base in recent past been this way last 6nto 8 years more or less research shows me solom9n g9v got riots because China controlling all supplies gov is corrupted can everyone see see the pattern here now China doing it to Australia

  7. The public declares we are atvwar research prooves it criminal,actions by all g9v from threat of nuke war by China is fact get ready for all out shit fight to death they coming to your door so you are outnumbered got goose bumps yet if run gov told adfbto kill you your a desease

  8. I plea with every human to watch parliament question time on TV it's live hear all bullshit and corruption and there plans to murder all,of us to hand it over with out war to Chinese China it selfmreports these facts theymalso post there bs online for world to see using cops adf to kill us we only hope that the law will see this contempt and stop it police head morons ordered cops not to arrest or search the govmand that's Dan andrewsbfor using drug money then used to buy guns to criminals govncalp terrorist usa justbleft behind millions of war vehicles and weapons in hands of Taliban and usa will use them as shield just posted yesterday on YouTube trucks owned by Taliban transporting war trucks and tanks across there country assault beyond believe is about to start usa is supplying all weapons usa is putting us all in direct threat of Chinese take over with no help we been lied too usa can not defend against China usa couldn't even stop 20k of Taliban war they pulled out now usa forcing us to do dir4ect attack on prattle islands and China this will be suicide for whole country China will nuke us we have no fuels or gass here they use our land is waist land to Chinese and serves no purpose to take the land except have more ground which proof shows is there global push plan will China nuke us soon I say yes they will China not scared 9f use fallout after all they already blown up 2 nuke power plants and rebuilt with out worry China will nuke to save its troops to protect this takeover news flash our gov letting it all happen and also murdering us into submissions

  9. Ten dam years been following this imminent threat of war we just played out last hand at chess this is check mate threat is now the Time is up this why gov ramping up this global piosen kill off it to save there lives not ours all this is treason and it is murder that's fukn crime so our laws say or our laws must have been dissolved no longer matters you decide your actions to defend your homes and this country times up

  10. Your protection is safety in numbers we fear now time to prep your defenses and prepair for our own gov driven war violence is last resort but now proof is we have no last resort we be forced into civil,war gov ordered all of it they will come to your door rape murder burn and loot policevwill not come to your help theyneither be the murders or they run away they outnumbered please pray they be on right side to stop this chaos I hold no faith for police protection at all but fear they will be the killers all ordered by gov I not trying to scare hell out you all I just know what's coming my research on this been ten years times up if doesn't happen if broken no law then got nothing to loose by being ready

  11. Jackie lambie should NOT have been there. She is only tv every week putting down people who will not have the jab. Called them Unaustralian and agreed they shouldn’t be able to work

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