Today we are live from Melbourne.

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  1. $$$ You need to open stores ONLY for the vaccinated and unvaccinated (stop the dividing us) , Australia wide >> When the devil commands they will gladly obey . now you know Who they are, Hit them where it hurts ,$$$$ make them disappear,, without donations than they are finished P.S> AND TAKE AWAY SALVATION How about "Peoples Help"

  2. The main big charities are all corrupted involved with the elites . They only cared for the money ie: kpi's, their pockets and how heavy their wallets are with donations and don't really care about the ones that do need help. They spend the money for their needs. These People should Keep up with the protesting and be heard! All this BS will come to an end with dodgy charities .. They're not for the People, they're just a front.

  3. The Australian Police are the
    New Criminal Elite, a mixture of U.N. Soldiers, and Australian Police working for Rouge Masonic Child Predator Politicians who've sold out our Australian Sovereignty to the United Nations Initiation into the New Satanic Age.
    The Australian Police are the Enemy of every Australian, and don't think for one minute, they won't hand you over to be Executed by Guillotine in any one of the Camps being Built the the Rouge Satanic Predator Politicians.
    The Federal and State Governments are Now operating Illegally, and Unconstitutionality, enforcing the Antichrist System on us all.

    Look at those Pig's with their Camera's filming protests, you're the worst kind of filth and deserve death, and Hellfire.

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