MELBOURNE: Pop up Protest

Today we are live from a surprise Pop up Protest.

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  1. The Salvation Army protest was EXCELLENT!!!! It would be so easy for the Head to get in the ear if Dan Andrews and INSIST MANDATES ARE CRUEL, OBSCENE AND HURTING THE POOR!!! I was hassled in a St Vincent's a few days ago for not producing vaccine papers. I mean, the $3.00 basket I bought was nice but I would not get vaxxed for it!! I put $3.00 on counter and casually walked off while the sales person was shouting after me. This, after I had just given a homewares donation.

  2. Media…(from the greek word illusion as we know)…plenty of 'newsies' have quit throughout our world…more money coming down the 'pike' for the ongoing 'blah blah blah" for these phyco babblers'…. (throughout world babblers on the 'telly' ) (its pathetic)

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