Melbourne protest (21.08.21) recap from independent media

An analysis of the police, government and media narrative following anti-lockdown/government protests in Melbourne on 21.08.21.

According to Shane Patton, the Chief Commissioner of Victoria Police, the protest was attended mostly by young angry Victorian men with violence on their mind. Is there any truth to this statement, or is Victoria Police engaging in misinformation and propaganda?

This is my opinion and analysis based on my eye-witness reporting on the day.

Protest livestream link:

Protest highlight link:

Written by Real Rukshan


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  2. Victoria Police is pushing for a violent riot…..and they’re going to get it. It’s astounding in my lifetime to see a dictatorship government and corrupt totalitarian police force essentially force our nation to do this….it’s absolutely astounding. This has never happened in our history before…and it’s all because of BLOODY DANIEL ANDREWS AND THE CORRUPT VICTORIA POLICE!!!😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡

  3. I’m fed up I know I’ve said it many times in the past I’m literally at my wits end the clever government has started their planned device now with the upcoming “easement” of restrictions

  4. In my life I have never seen the government ignore the concern of a mental health until now because it will get in their way with their plan

  5. The government and media are bloody full of it. I watched your full broadcast of the protest and it was an absolute shock and sicking how the police escalated the tension rather than de escalate it. Anyone that has been to a live event knows that a massive crowd over 3000 pushing forward into a bottle neck can end in death.
    This was the most disgusting example by the police I have ever seen.
    Thanks for your work mate. The truth needs to be told.

  6. I'd say you know more than the police commissioner because you were there. He was lying through his teeth and your own live stream shows that. Or the police he got reports from were lying, or both. The fact the media only use like, 20 seconds of footage really doesn't show the breadth of what goes on. The violence was so minimal, but the cops kept shooting, even after you turned off the camera, as they chased us to the market.

  7. The only violence i see… IS the police being violent to australian citizens, who are lying on media , and lets not forget police are are supose to protect, but this was not their intent they came with a range of weapons, who were hurting the civilians – who were all unarmed, police came to TO DO Violence , they are the evil bunch of liars . And this is a twisted police confession of what the police intent was, and what their purpose intentional plan was.
    Which was, is to harm the marchers, utterly filthy way to act by police , all evil liars . The police were playing war games, being agents of violence against civilians- just like the Taliban does , against its people, which is against civilians . There was no need for the police to even be there. Police were the only violent ones there who were are the abusers on innocent civilians .

  8. Stuff andrews, dam the steps need to be higher lol , and high time he had more jabs , what a drug pusher, what a lying communist dictator! with a adjenda.

  9. Yes the police are the escalators of the violence almost all the time and have mainstream media portraying its the crowds being violent, so the propaganda is working on what the government is wanting to be believed as unruly unlawful people.
    It's about globalists RESETTING THE WORLD to control the world.
    Dan Andrew's needs to be removed that would be the first thing that should happen.

  10. Yes mr commissioner we are angry, we are fed up with lies that are spoken from grown men like yourself, in positions of power and responsibility,blatantly twisting the truth and outright lying, along with breaching our constitution and human rights charter. You are disappointing VicPol to be in bed with MSM.

  11. Love seeing your calm approach as an alternative approach to the other also interesting coverage by other more "energetic" content creating channels. Well done and thank you for providing a pretty realistic look at what is going on here!

  12. Give a tyrant a fancy costume and and a badge and they will do whatever their superiors request of them.
    We have the same problem here in America, and it will get ugly… Stay safe guys.

  13. Media ARE looking from above and judging people. "…Thank goodness (the police) have military style weapons to fire at the crowd"! As long as they take home their huge salaries, the talking heads will be ok, they don't need to think, just read what's on their teleprompter – they were "just doing their jobs". Bring on Nuremberg II. Looked like more than 4,000 people to me. That was bullshit by the Police Commissioner. We have eyes, we can see who was there. All kinds of people, not just young men and not all angry but peaceful citizens worried about the chaos being perpetrated by the "powers that were".Police are behaving like "Brownshirts" in Germany in the 1930's.

  14. What lies the press is spewing. Presstitute: "What we saw was terrifying" and Stasi chief: "they had violence in mind from the moment they arrived". It's hideous. No wonder lanestream journos are not welcome at these events.

  15. Thank you for your breakdown of the protests & offering a completely different perspective to the mainstream media’s narrative!
    It is overwhelmingly obvious that the protestors make up such a diverse range of Victorian citizens…
    Men, women, families, children, young, old, black, white & all shades in between!
    It’s evident that the people of Victoria have had enough of these ridiculous lockdowns, have had enough of our liberties been taken & are against vaccine mandates.
    Pro choice!

  16. 24.48… the pigs were using automatic weapons.. covered with armor top to toe… !!.. there is no justification for there actions!!… not one!!.. fascist tool of the police state!!….

  17. At 30.00… "I don't know why this happened!".. he knows darned well what happened!.. his thugs in Uniform..nuthin less than a gang of psychos took aim..AND FIRED UPON THEM!!!….