Melbourne Protest LIVE – 4/12/21 2:20pm


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Written by Melbourne Ground


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  2. Wonderful weather for a dose of dissent in Melbourne …we're in winter here in east coast NSW.
    Slightly off topic here but how is covid and all the variants including omicron spreading around the world so fast if only fully vaxxed and or tested people are allowed to leave one country and travel overseas to another?
    If authorities were able to detect omicron in travelers after entry, then surely it should be detectable in travelers prior to exiting their country of origin at the airport. Unless airports around the world have been deliberately lax with these variants…..if so, why are authorities only dealing with variants one at a time?

  3. Oh Danny boy… I hear the fuzzy wizzes fuk off feeling calling. Oh Danny boy…. learn to count and buy a heart tin man. …. down with tyrants and their evil laws, piss on your toxic name forever more… oh Danny boy. ….

  4. What a fantastic turn out by the true Patriots – This how we take down the Globalist linked Tyrants, NAZI & Criminals, who called themselves leaders – They are 'SCUMS' – Must be removed at all Costs!! – Big, Big Thank You to all people responsible for these memorable videos. 🙏🏼👏🏻👏🏻💪🏼🗽🇦🇺 – I'm confident this video will be streamed by 'War Room' in USA.

  5. They're (well, Dan and his keepers) are hoping we'll tire of this, and then, after a little while,vthey can start doing a few tricks with their new Bill. But what they don't know is that this is gonna happen every week, ad infinitum. Hahaha

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